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New Profile Posts

  1. hogfiddles
    No HEAT for next few days. It couldn't take the cold, so it went south
  2. dowski68
    no rain for next 4 days highs in mid to high 40's-2 days off I going riding
  3. saftie
    Cold cold cold
  4. Ribo
    Does it come in black?
  5. G-DUB 750 MAX
    G-DUB 750 MAX beanflicker_98
    I'm interested in the fairing you have
  6. G-DUB 750 MAX
    G-DUB 750 MAX RusteeGold
    I'm looking for a fairing just like the one in your profile pic... any info or help I would sincerely appreciate. I'm younger and trying to reproduce my brothers high school bike for him and my knowledge is limited but I have the 750 max just no fairing yet...
  7. hogfiddles
  8. hogfiddles
    Get it.... Get it.... Ge..e..e..e..t. It ( says the little voice in your head)
  9. gang3
    new bike this month xj750 maxim
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  10. Mad_Bohemian
  11. Mad_Bohemian
    I'll post the pics elsewhere and put a link here...
  12. Mad_Bohemian
    Stephen, the description is in the build thread here...unfortunately all the pics are gone thanks to photobucket's attempt at blackmail.. :P
  13. PhillyBG
    1982 XJ550 Seca
  14. CruzNCycles
    CruzNCycles hogfiddles
    Do you still offer your carb rebuild services?
  15. Bo.
    Bo. hogfiddles
    Do you have any advice on my 81 seca? You read my page earlier
  16. Stephen Perkins
    Stephen Perkins Mad_Bohemian
    Hi really interested in the exhaust u made for the 82xjmaxim I have a 550 would like same exhaust can u send me link of how you made please
  17. hogfiddles
    Jo Murray-- Fitz isn't here anymore....ask Len Chacal at xj4Ever
  18. Jo Murray
    Jo Murray bigfitz52
    hi big man first time used forum looking for help to find supplier for valve shims for my 1986 maxim XJ 700 x water cooled Yamaha .I live in Scotland and have fek all here. hope to heare from you .cheers pal.
  19. aSECAwrencher
    OMG, she's running agian...
  20. Baker6x6
    Baker6x6 SnoSheriff
    Trying to post my '83 for sale.. keep getting "appears like spam" message. Read all the rules.. seem to be following them all.
    1. Dillon Huffman
      Dillon Huffman
      I'm getting the same error - did you figure this out?
      Sep 15, 2017
    2. Wintersdark
      Can't post things with links/photos until you have 5 or more forum posts; otherwise it just flags them as spam.
      Sep 16, 2017