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  1. steber
    Bikes down for awhile. Please check my thread to possibly help.
  2. dpawl31
    $200 SECA 900 as you see it. Yeah, I scored lol
  3. steber
    Enjoying riding the bike these days.. Glad all the hard work is behind me this year!
  4. SnoSheriff
    server migration is complete
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  5. SnoSheriff
    I'm in the process of migrating the site to a new web server. Site may be down during this process...
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  6. Toomanybikes
    Toomanybikes SnoSheriff
    Hi Snowsherrif
    Just put up I thought was a post of "for sale" 85 Xj700n parts but it shows it's a thread. can you change that please or delete it and I'll repost
  7. Macktion
    Macktion SnoSheriff
    I have a post that I would like to edit because of a diagram being inaccurate, and I would hate for someone to get bad information. Would it be possible for you as an Admin to remove the image?
  8. PJC750
    PJC750 ManBot13
    Bleeding 1981 Seca 750 front brakes( all rebuilt). No pressure at lever. I started reverse bleed, right site AD, RCaliper, left side AD, Lcaliper. Noted air leak at threads on one nipple. Add teflon wrap? (Heard mixed reviews) Refilling resevoir filler hole to replenish fluid. Do i also have to loosen the top of the MC pipe fitting to get air out of this " highest" position?
    1. ManBot13
      I noticed that I had air in the top fitting on my Seca,. It's messy to bleed from there, and easy to strip the nut, but I couldn't figure out any way to get air out of that location.

      Air getting past the bleed nipples isn't a problem when the screws are closed, but can be an issue when vacuum bleeding. Just make sure teflon isn't on the part of the bleed nipple that seats.
      Apr 16, 2018
  9. 750MaximSeattle
    750MaximSeattle FtUp
    Would you happen to know where I can locate a 1982 xj650j Maxim frame, rolling chassis or (cheap) basket case bike with WA title?

    I’m near Everett, WA.

  10. 750MaximSeattle
    Looking for a 1982 xj650j Maxim frame with WA title.
  11. vash90909
    vash90909 hogfiddles
    Hello good sir, I’m in need of 4 shims. 260(x2), 255, 265.
  12. Xjrider92117
    Rain rain go away
  13. PJC750
    PJC750 CaptNemo
    Where did you find the black rubber grommet that fits inside the mc, and connects to Reservoir? Mine is cracked
    1. CaptNemo
      Hey I haven’t been on here in forever, if Chacal is still around at XJ4ever he should have them
      Mar 12, 2018
    2. PJC750
      Got it.Tnx Cap
      Mar 18, 2018
  14. PJC750
    PJC750 CaptNemo
    Where can I find the rubber grommet that fits inside the mc, and connects Reservoir? Mine is cracked
  15. Brett Dupree
    Brett Dupree hogfiddles
    Afternoon hogfiddles,
    Like many before, I'm resurrecting an '82 550 seca, and am in need of a handful of shims. From my readings, it seems you are one of a few that might still run a shim pool, so I am curious if I can purchase these from you. Five in total: 260(x1), 265(x2), 275(x2)
  16. Samuel Paige
    Samuel Paige hogfiddles
    Goodmorning sir, new to the site as of about 15 minutes ago; and new to the xj550 I've got as it was handed down to me last night by my uncle! It's my understanding you're the best out there for carb cleanings?
  17. hogfiddles
    Which badges.....tank? Airbox trim covers? Side covers? Etc...
  18. Christopher McTavish
    Christopher McTavish SnoSheriff
    How do I change my user name? Didn’t realize when it asked for my name it meant user name. Ugh.
  19. hogfiddles
    So does every other 550 Seca owner
  20. LarryMc
    LarryMc admin
    I purchased a premium account through PayPal and the transaction cleared. How long does it take before this becomes active?