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  1. GTO
    GTO bigfitz52
    Hey I have a 82 xj750 It won’t start not ever with starter fluid it has spark but won’t fire if you could tell me what to look for that would be great thanks
  2. Tim morris
    Tim morris hogfiddles
    Just wondering any shock absorber rebuild kits for saca out there would love to just take my normal part rechrome and clean put new seals in New oil ???
  3. hogfiddles
    MavRick--I doubt it.....the 550 has four cylinders, the virago only has two, just to begin with
  4. Steve R
    Steve R KatherineJaneIII
    Very nice looking bike!
  5. hogfiddles
    Bill, click on my avatar, then click on "start a conversation". Also, I sent a reply to your inbox. Check there.
  6. Wihburg
    Wihburg hogfiddles
    Hello, I recently purchased two 1982 XJ550 Seca’s. I’m going to make one viable bike out of the two. Do you still offer a carb rebuilding and cleaning service? If so can you let me know a price. I’m actually not too far from your area. I’m near Albany NY. Sorry if this was the wrong way to contact you, I’m new here and couldn’t find how to PM.

    Thanks in advance
  7. Joshua Bastion
    Joshua Bastion z32800
    Hi mate, im looking for a parts and a service manual for my yamaha xj750 e ii 29r 1983
    Can you help?
  8. hogfiddles
    J.51.... I started a thread for you in Technical Chat
  9. hogfiddles
    Ferrin, create a thread.
  10. Ferrin
    Ferrin SnoSheriff
    Hello Mr.SnoSheriff. Just bought a 1985 Maxim X XJ750. I couldn't turn this one down, she's the same model I had in 1985!
    I'm no mechanic but I bought her to learn and restore her back to original as much as possible(minus paint and leather)
    anything you or any other folks on here could advise or help me out on regarding parts and cables etc would be much appreciated.
  11. Krautrageous
  12. hogfiddles
    Click on the blinking logo in upper right corner
  13. Jordi
    Just bought a new to me 1982 Yamaha Seca XJ 750 R !
  14. Tim morris
  15. hogfiddles
    What do you want to know?
  16. steber
    Bikes running again.
  17. Tow man
    Tow man hogfiddles
    Of carbs I just need the help getting him on the road so I'm going to the king that's you! So the word on the street I need the master rebuild to my carbs I have 2 full sets of mikiuni 33s
  18. Tow man
    Tow man hogfiddles
    OK so I after much searching I seem to have found the wizard! I recently purchased my dad a 85 maxim x xj700x with low miles that had been stored in a heated garage from the original owner it has a sidcar I need help someone to rebuild one of my 2sets
  19. bstig60
    I have moved from California to Sharpes, Florida... Got my Seca back from my son.
  20. Dazsculpt
    I'm back!!
    1. Beck
      Welcome back. I've been gone from the forum, for a while myself.
      Jul 18, 2018
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