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  1. micalux
    micalux admin
    Hi, I would like to order the fairing rubber molding for an 83 xj900rk. How do I go about ordering/ payment. Thanks, Mike
    1. McTavish
      I'd like this info also.
      Feb 14, 2019
  2. Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke Cafe-XV750
    do you still sell these kits? I am in Australia?
  3. Rickard S
    Rickard S broberg
    Nice build. I’m also from SE and have a total rebuild of my 1982 seca 750
  4. dowski68
    Again CHACAL comes through right part first time Great Vender!!!!!!
  5. TG2
    TG2 hogfiddles
    Hey man, got a problem with my 550 carbs I believe. The bike has not run in a while and when I try to start it, it sounds like its being starved of fuel, also just got the starter rebuilt and a new starter relay. when I turn the fuel on or on prime, fuel starts coming out of the first carb towards to air box side. Have you seen this before, and does the carb need to be rebuilt?
  6. dowski68
    Ordered a new manual fuel cock for my xj700 as the vacuum one has failed me twice in the last 5 years. Chacal has the parts that I need.
  7. capy
    Amazing how much you miss something when it is gone.
    1. hogfiddles
      Totally agree
      Dec 22, 2018
  8. hogfiddles
    You screwed then up. The only ones that were removable where in the 1980 '80 650 bowls, I don't recall the 750 bowl having a removable jet…
  9. Richard Elbon
    Richard Elbon hogfiddles
    Looking for two float bowls hopefully with clear starter jets for 82 Seca750. I pulled them out with and ez out cause in the service manual they looked to be replaceable. Rich
  10. capy
  11. Dave Reppert
    Dave Reppert hogfiddles
    How will I know when my upgrade to premium status has been approved? Also, where do I go to enter the forum name I would like to use? RSVP, Dave R.
  12. nzjohn650
    XJ650 1981, XJ750E-II 29R 1983
  13. hogfiddles
  14. chuck saylor
    chuck saylor hogfiddles
    hogfiddles, I am new here but would love some help. My 1980 yamaha sx 850 with hitachi carbs needs help. Do you have or know of another member who has a good diagram for Hitachi H34C carbs. My clymer book is not much help when it comes to rebuilsing these. Would be great to have a diagram that is more specific for my rebuild on these. Thanks for any help you can provide
  15. Davemc
    Davemc paul.hardy
    Hey Paul. I see you haven’t been on the forum for a while now. I was reading about your pvc air box and thought it was a great idea and checked your profile and seen that you are in Tasmania. I’m also in Tas and would be great to catch up with someone that knows these bikes as I’m building a cafe racer and someday may get it back on the road. Thanks dave
  16. hogfiddles
    GTO - Fitz hasn't been around for a long time. Start a thread and we can work it.
  17. hogfiddles
    Gmon...the section is "For Sale, trade/swap, wanted". That covers everything. We leave most posts for reference. Location- click on avatars
  18. gmoncrief
    gmoncrief SnoSheriff
    I'm just wondering on the Part for Sale thread, (maybe bikes for sale too) it is sorted by date but maybe a set time frame to renew or delete for sale posts.
    I was all the way back to 2015 !!!!
    Just one other thought, maybe not possible but seeing users by location would be helpful.
  19. GTO
    GTO bigfitz52
    Hey I have a 82 xj750 It won’t start not ever with starter fluid it has spark but won’t fire if you could tell me what to look for that would be great thanks
  20. Tim morris
    Tim morris hogfiddles
    Just wondering any shock absorber rebuild kits for saca out there would love to just take my normal part rechrome and clean put new seals in New oil ???