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  1. Cyclepath
    Cyclepath dmschuler
    Do you still have that PDF of your Carb Stand?
  2. DennisMaxim
    DennisMaxim bigfitz52
    Big fits this is what my post was supposed to have been I slid my yics tool down the yics passage in the cylinder head and then it dawned on me that I had to clean it out the passageway now my question is having slid that yics tube down the passage prior to cleaning it out will that clog my start circuit in the cylinder head
  3. DennisMaxim
    DennisMaxim bigfitz52
    Big fits I need your help I sleep my ex tube down my ex chamber and I forgot I had to clean it out right now my question is this with me sliding that tube down that chamber prior to cleaning it out will that called my start circuit passages
  4. Olin Lego
    Olin Lego hogfiddles
    I am currently redoing a 1982 YAMAHA XJ 650 MAXIM AND Iam in dire need of carburators do you know of anyone selling a set for this bike or do you prehaps have a set to sell condition not an issue as i would rebuild them thank you for your time
  5. XJ550H
  6. Grizz
    Grizz dcmilkwagon
    Hey guys I'm new I have a 83 xj 750 maxam got new set of coils but the wires r different colors where can I find a diagram for witch wires go where pls
  7. sydmac
    Hi all will my xj750 maxim carbs work on my seca engine, iv'e swapped but not running great, they ran fine on the maxim. Thanks.
  8. sydmac
    Hi all i have fitted a low milage xj750 seca engineto my maxim rolling chassis, ive fitted the carbs from the maxim to the seca engine.
  9. Jesse Burnett
    Jesse Burnett Ted
    How do change out the triple trees on a 82 XJ750 to put different handle bars on it making an old school bobber
  10. Brady0903
    Brady0903 SnoSheriff
    Hi im having some difficulty posting a thread, i get the classic spam-like or inappropriate content error. The thread is just a bit long, it’s a story that’s all
  11. hogfiddles
    You could use a 550 seca TCI, curve will be probably be a bit different, but i think that’s about all
  12. Mavrick9
    Mavrick9 hogfiddles
    Hi is there a reliable substitute that you would recomend for the tci unit for a Yamaha xj 550 yics?
  13. Mavrick9
    Mavrick9 MiCarl
    Hi MiCarl, I am new t the forum and I really need some professional guidance. I have inherited a yamaha xj 550 yics. The problem is it has no tci unit. I live in Jamaica and for the past two years I have been trying to locate one, but no luck. Is there any substitute or work-around. A local mechanic told me that the one on the 450 can be used.
  14. Ripper
    Ripper thefox
    Im a new member from western pa.
  15. Millzattc
    Millzattc FlyGp
    Anyway to repost the shifter drum video? It is no longer available.
  16. BigVic65
    BigVic65 hogfiddles
    Greetings, I was told you have a shim exchange. Is this true and how do I pay you? Vic
  17. RickCoMatic
    Last Call; XJ750 Mx / 900Seca Misc Parts unworthy of setting-out with trash.OEM Stuff. / Trim / Lights/ Carb Slides XJ900owner@aol.com
  18. RJ C
    RJ C hogfiddles
    Hey Dave, I’m looking for a shim swap if possible.

    Looking for 2-270, 2-285, 1-260

    I have 1-280, 2-290 & 2-275 to swap.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Voodz34
    Voodz34 SnoSheriff
    Also looking for a Seca tank
  20. Voodz34
    Voodz34 SnoSheriff
    I’m in Winnipeg