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Dec 11, 2018 at 1:37 PM
Aug 9, 2005
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server migration is complete May 5, 2018

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Dec 11, 2018 at 1:37 PM
    1. gmoncrief
      I'm just wondering on the Part for Sale thread, (maybe bikes for sale too) it is sorted by date but maybe a set time frame to renew or delete for sale posts.
      I was all the way back to 2015 !!!!
      Just one other thought, maybe not possible but seeing users by location would be helpful.
    2. Ferrin
      Hello Mr.SnoSheriff. Just bought a 1985 Maxim X XJ750. I couldn't turn this one down, she's the same model I had in 1985!
      I'm no mechanic but I bought her to learn and restore her back to original as much as possible(minus paint and leather)
      anything you or any other folks on here could advise or help me out on regarding parts and cables etc would be much appreciated.
    3. SnoSheriff
      server migration is complete
      1. fastenova likes this.
    4. SnoSheriff
      I'm in the process of migrating the site to a new web server. Site may be down during this process...
      1. corey manshack likes this.
    5. Toomanybikes
      Hi Snowsherrif
      Just put up I thought was a post of "for sale" 85 Xj700n parts but it shows it's a thread. can you change that please or delete it and I'll repost
    6. Macktion
      I have a post that I would like to edit because of a diagram being inaccurate, and I would hate for someone to get bad information. Would it be possible for you as an Admin to remove the image?
    7. Christopher McTavish
      Christopher McTavish
      How do I change my user name? Didn’t realize when it asked for my name it meant user name. Ugh.
    8. Baker6x6
      Trying to post my '83 for sale.. keep getting "appears like spam" message. Read all the rules.. seem to be following them all.
      1. Dillon Huffman
        Dillon Huffman
        I'm getting the same error - did you figure this out?
        Sep 15, 2017
      2. Wintersdark
        Can't post things with links/photos until you have 5 or more forum posts; otherwise it just flags them as spam.
        Sep 16, 2017
    9. SatveerC
      I can find where to edit my For Sale post. Do I have to do a whole one?
    10. bionicbil
      Hi SnoSheriff, I'm New to your site and looking for brake parts for my 82 1100 Maxim....how do I do this?
    11. SnoSheriff
    12. conti412
      do you have the stud on the final drive for a xj650 for sale?
    13. TylerXJ700
      Quick question, I am trying to order more parts from chacal and cannot seem to send him links to pictures nor can I attach them. I keep getting error messages no matter which site I use to upload/link them. Not sure how to get through this error message! I appreciate the help!
      1. SnoSheriff
        email @chacal direct with the pics attached :)
        Apr 11, 2017
        TylerXJ700 likes this.
    14. robawf
      I have decided to not be part of this forum any longer. I was offered a price to sell my bike that I couldn't refuse. I no longer have an XJ so......
      Please delete my Showcase, Personal Profile and what ever content I am associated with.
      Thank you and I enjoyed being part of the community.
    15. Dexter W Christensen
      Dexter W Christensen
      How can I change my name so it's all catchy
    16. Gershwizzle
      Trying to post a build thread and it keeps saying my post is spam. How do I fix this?
    17. Biker48
      I have tried to post a reply to a thread. I keep getting the spam message. It is only text and discuues the item in question re obtaining spare parts. No web address. No caps apart from the start of sentences.
      Tell me where I am going wrong please. I cannot post the reply as it says it is spam.
    18. Medici
      I'm having trouble making a post. It keeps telling me "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator." but I am simply asking for help with an issue. Thanks.
      1. notenuftime
        I've been getting the same message all day today (saturday). ?dunno?
        Oct 22, 2016
    19. BruceS5150
      Hello Sir...fellow Manitoban here. I have a 1983 xj550 and I am curious what engine oil would you recommend? I mean viscosity, synthetic vs conventional, and brand. Thanks in advance.
    20. Dwolfe
      I need a throttle assembly with cable for 1985 xj 700
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