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1981 Xj750 Seca Rh

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  • Year:
    XJ750 Seca RH
    Engine Size:
    750 CC
    Modifications & Accessories:
    Frame fully sandblasted and powder coated
    SS Brake Lines
    K & N Pods
    Mac 4 into 2 Exhaust
    Carbs jetted and balanced
    Dyna Performance coils
    Fuse box upgrade
    Progressive 430 rear shocks
    Vetter Quick Silver Fairing
    Shinko 712 Tires
    Stainless engine bolt set
    KG Rear carrrier
    and so much more I can't remember everything
    Purchased this 1982 XJ750 Seca from original owner who neglected the bike it was a big POS when I got it for $250 with title will upload pictures of fully restored bike. After working on that POS for 3 years (We called him Rusty) here is the results. Mostly every thing came from the bike except - Gas tank, front fender and carbs, mice destroyed the originals. Love this bike.
  1. CactusJack578
    I love the 750 Seca and kick my own butt for selling the one I raised from the dead. I'm Jealous. Nice FREAKING JOB
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  2. CactusJack578
    Hello, Metricman820. I envy guys like you who take a POS like this bike was and stay with it until it turns out like the bike it is. I would have walked far away from the POS. Wonderful job.
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    1. metricman820
      Hi CatusJack thanks, There were a few times that I almost did walk away but I am glad I didn't and every time I take the bike out I fall in love with it more and more.
      metricman820, Mar 31, 2017
    2. CactusJack578
      The 750 Seca was/is a highly underrated bike. I Love the 750 Seca. I have a 650 that I've been dealing with off and on. Stories like yours are truly inspiring.
      CactusJack578, Apr 3, 2017
  3. Franz
    Great job you have done on your Seca. It is always great to see a bike transformed like this, brilliant.
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    1. metricman820
      Thank you, Every time I look at it I can't believe it's the same bike I brought home.
      metricman820, Mar 29, 2017
  4. PJC750
    Nice Job. I think the white is great color for these bikes.
  5. Gregd123
    Any idea how I'd test the lighting relay for a Description 750.
  6. Retromoto
    Very nice. I like how you wrapped the carb bowl tubes up above so that you can always see what your float level is. Brilliant!
  7. cgutz
    Nice looking. Love the white!
  8. wgul
    She came out beautiful. Great job!
  9. justin ohler
    Were can I find the front master cylinder for the brakes every company I called doesn't carry it for the 1981 750. I was told that mine burnt up and to get a new one or a rebuild kit for the old one.
    1. metricman820
      Hi Justin,

      You can get the rebuild kits from Chacal, here on this site.
      HCP23098 Aftermarket MASTER CYLINDER BASIC REBUILD KIT for all XJ750 Seca .$ 89.95

      HCP23155 Aftermarket MASTER CYLINDER FULL REBUILD KIT for all XJ750 Seca $ 119.95

      HCP11150 Aftermarket master cylinder-to-fluid reservoir rubber BUSHING, $ 16.95

      HCP11149 Aftermarket fluid reservoir FILLER SCREW, plastic hex-drive screw with o-ring. Fits all XJ750 Seca and XJ750 Euro models.$ 17.95
      metricman820, Jul 27, 2017
  10. justin ohler
    How do I redo the seat... i have a 81 xj 750r. The seat is shot... also need to derust the exhaust pipes. Any ideas would be awesome cause I'm lost...
    1. metricman820
      My seat pan and foam were in good shape but I found a replica seat cover on ebay you can also find seats if your pan and foam are no good. For the Exhaust if there not to bad I have used evapo rust on my 650 Maxim and it works pretty good.
      metricman820, Jun 1, 2017
    2. Jasonh
      I recently recovered my seat. Got info off you-tube. If the foam is OK, remove leather after removing the seat. Spray foam seat with adhesive, get approx 1 sq yard of stretchable faux leather, warm it in dryer for 5 minutes so its really flexible, use industrial stapler to attached new cover to underside of seat frame. Warm leatherette stretches nicely and spray adhesive helps cloth stick well to the foam. Looks pro and only costs $50 all in. Took me all of an hour. CHECK YOUTUBE
      Jasonh, Jun 23, 2017
    3. justin ohler
      Thank you jasonh and metricman820 you guys are life savers
      justin ohler, Jul 21, 2017