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1981 Xj750 Seca Rh

Average User Rating:
  1. PJC750
    "Great Paint"
    Pros - Paint, and exterior detail.
    Cons - No pics of the "discarded" parts turned into Artwork.
    The white reminds me of some of the police bikes. Glad to see another XJ brought back to life.
  2. jpmill1953
    "how did you get the engine so clean?"
    Pros - great job, its hard to believe they're the same bike lol
    Cons - none
    hard to believe they're the same bike lol. How on earth did you get the engine
  3. RJ C
    "Look like new!"
    Nice job! Back to its glory days.
  4. LeClairerog
    "Great job!"
    Absolutely fantastic work.
  5. CactusJack578
    "Fantastic Showcase"
    Pros - 1. It's a 750 Seca. 2. It's a 750 Seca brought back from the dead. 3. Metricman820 is a tenacious restorer.
    Cons - Metricman820 kept his restored Seca 750 for himself.
    This 750 Seca looks better than new. Metricman has me tempted to buy a junker.
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