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1982 Xj650 Maxim[um] Tracker

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  • Year:
    xj650 maxim
    Engine Size:
    Modifications & Accessories:
    Motogadget m-unit
    Motogadget button
    3800 Lumen H4 LED Headlight bulb cyclops adventure sports
    Koso TNT speed and tach
    anti gravity 8 cell battery
    custom minimum wiring using only 1 relay
    signals (i forgot from where)
    No School Choppers 1933 - 1936 Ford Blacked Out Tail Light & bracket

    custom fabricated seat
    seat mounting brackets
    custom Battery box
    chopped front fender (+paint)
    custom rear fender (+ paint)
    frame loop
    3 inch Harley exhaust fittings and brackets

    Seca 550 tank
    Magazi round mirrors
    starter rebuild kit
    Arlen ness foot pegs front and rear
    Progressive springs in the front
    clutch plates & springs + gasket
    fork seals
    steering stem bearings
    carb rebuild kit
    valve shims
    clutch switch & perch
    sigma 6 dyno kit
    new brake lines
    new piston rings
    honed cylinders
    lapped valves
    The goal of the build was to create a custom xj650 tracker/brat bike.
  1. Wayno 60
    Nice work I'm in process of many of same things on 81 750 seca, did away with box dash and forks. Using 82 750 adj forks all new wiring and lights and to much to get into now.
  2. 82yamabob
    Where did you snag those fork gaiters? Looking to put a set on my bobber project.
  3. Mick Foster
    I have the same Koso clock on my xj650,but struggling with the dash oil and neutral lights connections.Any help would be good. Thanks.Mick.
    1. sybe
      whats wrong with it? Also did you get the tach and speedometer set properly?
      sybe, Apr 25, 2016
  4. Dirty Harry
    That looks great! How hard was the 550 tank to put on? I have an 81 650 I'd like to do the same with.
    1. sybe
      It wasnt too hand. Some welding is needed. You have to widen the top neck of the tank by banging woodend down into the area that it grips the side mounts.

      One you have that fitting then carefully cut the welds on the cross member that the tanks bolts down to and move it back on the frame to aligne with the tank and then weld back on.
      sybe, Apr 25, 2016
    2. Dirty Harry
      Thank you! I'm am definitely going to do this!....if I can find a tank somewhere besides ebay ($300 for shipping, WTF?)
      Dirty Harry, Apr 25, 2016
    3. sybe
      I lucked out and found one on ebay for 150. It has a cheap paint job and part of the right side emblem is broken. To me its perfect.

      As long as the tank doesn't have any dents, and the inside isnt rusted then definitely jump on any you find. If it is rusted look into the electric derusting process (cant think of the proper name). It doesn't damage the metal and is safer. Once thats done, just seal the insides and you will never have to worry about it.
      sybe, Apr 25, 2016