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1983 Xj900r

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    my new project i live in adelaide south australia i think these bikes are real hard to get here in australia as i am having trouble finding second hand parts

    i look forward to hearing some advice from you guys n gals out there

    so please send through any that you have

    regards steve
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  1. Outback Yak
    I'm in Australia also and have some spare parts that I have managed to collect let me know if you need anything :)
  2. Core
    I am Australian, but now live in Switzerland.
    I have 2 XJ´s now. XJ900RL(1984) and a XJ900RN(1985)
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  3. ADragonsTail
    You shouldn't have too many problems getting used parts. There are normally a few being dismantled on ebay Australia. Yamaha dealers still supply lots of parts and chacal can supply everything.
  4. steveinoz
    got the bike off a bloke who lost interest in it
  5. Tomq
    Nice one.

    What do you plan on doing to it? Restore it to glory or a custom build?

    Whats the history of the bike? Did you find it someones garage or has someone been riding around on it?

    1. GaryM
      Hi, I purchased two together thought I could make one good one from the two, turns out they were pretty rough. Anyhow got one of them just about back together after stripping it down to the frame, post some pictures later.

      Gary. Newcastle NSW
      GaryM, Dec 12, 2016