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82 Maxim 650 Rebuilt

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    Rebuilt to stock specifications with the exception of Daytona bars.
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  1. Bosen
    What a beauty!!!!
  2. Praxeus
    It's absolutely stunning... WOW!
  3. CactusJack578
    I live in Akron. I saw this bike once when it was still black. I remember the writing on the side cover. Love the green.
  4. rat builder
    purty good lookin ole bike
  5. Agris Ivanovskis
    Where did you purchase brake disc?
  6. Nastn8
    And I'm a sucker for green. so...... anyone have a maxim front fender? Rusty and straight works for me.
    1. Get2theChopper
      I have a front fender from a 1981 xj650, it's yours for $20 if you want it
      Get2theChopper, Sep 5, 2017
  7. sherlock
    Love the green color.
  8. Ramaman
    Nice a fellow Buckeye!...awesome rebuild!
  9. CactusJack578
    Your Maxim looks fantastic. It looks better than new. If mine turned out that good I'd be afraid to get it dirty.
  10. KristoF
    Looks like a dream! Great color!