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Dom's 1982 Xj1100 Maxim J

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    Maxim J
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    Factory stock X-1 Yamaha Fairing
    Stock 1982 XJ 1100 Maxim J with Stock Yamaha X-1 Fairing
  1. tmberman
    Great looking bike! I just got an '82 XJ1100J. Odometer shows less than 20K but it wasn't well-taken care of. I actually bought it from my brother, who bought it through an auction a few years ago.
  2. jpmill1953
    I also have an 82 maxim xj1100 (black) with a windjammer vetter faring. I don't like the fairing if anybody is interested in buying it email me at jpmill1953(at)gmail.com I live in western Pa.
    1. Roy Kauffman
      Is the fairing still available?
      Roy Kauffman, Oct 9, 2019
    2. Roy Kauffman
      And I literally 2 days ago just bought an xj1100, super stoked, can't wait to get the girl moving.. any pointers,tips, tricks, or time savers? She sat for over two years so I e this far only done a lot of cleaning..
      Roy Kauffman, Oct 9, 2019
  3. Cody88
    Very clean and solid looking bike man!
  4. CactusJack578
    Your 1100 Maxim is impressive. It's really cool that you have the stock fairing even. That's a rarity. Nice bike.
  5. DomG too the max
    Thanks guys I try to keep my bikes clean as i can being that they are both daily drivers!