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    - Vetter WindJammer IV Fairing
    - King & Queen Seat
    - Wolf 4-1 Exhaust
    - Bridgestone Spitfire S11 tires
    - Luggage Rack
    - Choko Leather Bags
    A great bike to ride, does just about everything I ask of it, and more.

    Incredibly versatile, can go from a fully faired, luggage loaded cruiser into a slimmed down, wind in yer face speed demon with about 30 mins work.

    Best investment in my own happiness I have ever made.
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  1. Alan63
    You should post some picks with all the bags and fairing too....
    Very nice
  2. MaximMax
    Nice! Where did you get the show cover for the carb intake box? Where you able to find replacement show chrome top covers for the outside carbs? Or did you just polish them? Advice for my restoration?
    1. Beekman
      They came on the bike as well from the PO. I have however seen them pop up on ebay and at a local salvage yard. Some say "650" on them, not sure which model that is correct for. Im a rookie myself when it comes to restoration haha I just try to clean the chrome parts a lot to keep em shiny. Emery cloth and elbow grease brought some life back into my headers, they aren't chrome so they dont shine up well.
      Beekman, May 30, 2015
    2. Beekman
      The outside carb hats are just in good condition still. I cleaned them up with some rust remover and then just polished them with a soft buffing wheel, but again that is something that came in pretty good condition from the previous owner.
      Beekman, May 30, 2015
  3. Jim Lahey
    Where can I get some of that fuel tank chrome trim. I like.
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    2. Jim Lahey
      What is it like generic chrome auto trim?
      Jim Lahey, May 25, 2015
    3. Beekman
      Check out the test zone forum, I made a thread called chrome trim with a close up of the trim end and clip
      Beekman, May 25, 2015
    4. MaximMax
      $6 for a six foot piece delivered. Feebay
      MaximMax, May 31, 2015