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    Maxim X
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    All orginal. Except the tires, it does have new tires. Aqnd I did upgrade back sissy bar for a X backrest.
    Bike was handed down from my father.
    I grew up riding on the back, now i get to give my children the same experiance.
    She has gone threw a valve adjustment and on its way to getting a carb rebuild and caliper rebuild. Done by myself.
  1. Harold King Jr
    Where did you get your backrest?
  2. Bluegray57
    I'm guessing that's a Mustang saddle on the bike. How does it compare to the stock seat?
  3. Timbox
    Nice X, if you did the valve adjustment then the rest of the work should be easy for you. Thanks for sharing such a nice looking X.
      Joe34 likes this.
    1. Joe34
      Thanks timbox. She means allot to me.
      Joe34, Jan 28, 2018
  4. CactusJack578
    Nice Bike, Joe. It still looks new. Have you had other bikes or is the family bike your only one. I had a friend who used to own a Maxim X. He LOVED it. Enjoy the ride with your kids. Congratulations
    1. Joe34
      Thanks. Yea ive had other bikes. Some older xj's and some rockets. This one means the most.
      Joe34, Jan 26, 2018