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Monoshocked Red Bike

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  • Year:
    XJ550 SECA
    Engine Size:
    Modified 550cc
    Modifications & Accessories:
    ~ 600cc cylinders, pistons & head (no YICS)
    ~ Kevlar HD clutch/ HD springs
    ~ Front forks: 2005 Hyosung GT650
    ~Wheels: 2005 Suzuki TL1000
    ~Swingarm: 2009 Suzuki SFV650
    ~Rear shock: 2008 Yamaha R6
    ~Calipers: 2015 Honda CBR650
    ~Front M/C: Generic 5/8" bore
    ~Rear M/C: 2005 Yamaha R6
    ~Front fender: 2017 Yamaha R1
    ~Rotors: 2007 Suzuki SV650
    ~Tires: Shinko Raven radials
    Front-120/70R-17. Rear- 160/60R-17.
    ~Oil cooler: 2005 Suzuki GS500
    ~Spin-on oil filter: 1994 XJ600
    ~Braided SS brake & oil cooler lines
    ~KOSO Digital Speedometer/Tachometer
    ~TCI: Hyperpak Flamethrower igniter
    ~Coils: green DYNA
    ~Offset front sprocket w/ 520 chain
    ~Modified gear shift pawl w/ roller style
    bearing used on Yamaha R6 models
    ~Steering damper
    ~European spec wiring harness
    ~Club Cadet lawn tractor starter solenoid
    ~Blade style fuse box
    ~Protaper low rise bars
    ~X-Rated AGM 14ah 220CCA battery
    ~Modified taillight assembly
    ~Tunable muffler baffles
    ~ Reshaped seat
    * other random stuff....
  1. Dantoys
    Nice Bike, something caught my eye, the Tune-able muffler baffles. I need to know more, is this an after marked item, or a custom item?
    1. LarryMc
      Thank you.
      The tunable baffles are a newer item offered by Emgo. They are a welcome improvement for the mufflers seen on my bike. No more packing fiberglass just remove one of the three bolts on the end of the baffle to tune as needed. Tuning range is limited unlike Supertrapp. I have posted an image of one in my showcase.
      LarryMc, Apr 29, 2019