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Rêd Bíkë 2.0

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  • Modifications & Accessories:
    USD fork swap (2007 Hyosung GT650r)
    Twin pot calipers (2007 Hyosung GT650r)
    2000 CBR600 rotors
    Shift mechanism modification
    Sticky tires
    White faced gauges
    Modified RFY rear shocks
    Kevlar clutch
    Baffle inserts-shop built
    Dynatek coils
    NOS pick up coils
    Steering damper
    Rearsets-shop built
    XJ 600 swingarm swap
    Suzuki GS rims
    Oil cooler
    Spin on oil filter
    Rear disc brakes
    Wire harness modification
    Taillight modification
    Rear fender eliminated
    Euro low rise handlbars
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  1. Retromoto
    Great looking bike. You did a nicely detailed install of the oil cooler. Where did you get the oil cooler and oil filter adapter?
    1. LarryMc
      Thank you.
      The oil cooler is off a 2006 Suzuki GS500. I used it because it was off similar sized motor but mostly because the dimensions were correct for the bike. The oil cooler adapter is off a FZ600 with a Xj600 oil filter plate. This enables use of a cartridge filter.
      The cooler came with AN fittings so I adapted AN compression fittings on to the adapter. I used Earl's stainless steel braided hoses to hook everything together.
      LarryMc, Jun 16, 2018
  2. RCHER
    Those are some nice upgrades there. You have put great deal of work into that bike and it shows.
    1. LarryMc
      Thank you.
      Working on my bikes allows me to "tune out" and decompress from life's continuous challenges as well as having three great, but teenaged, daughters.
      I have a couple other upgrades that I'm gathering parts for this winters project.
      LarryMc, Jun 14, 2018
  3. SpearChucker
    Beautiful bike. Gotta say it makes me jealous.
    1. LarryMc
      Thanks for the compliment.
      LarryMc, Jun 3, 2018
  4. CactusJack578
    Nice Job, LarryMc. The bike looks great.
    1. LarryMc
      LarryMc, Mar 7, 2018