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Restored 1983 Xj750k Maxim

  • Year:
    xj750K Maxim
    Engine Size:
    Modifications & Accessories:
    After stripping parts off to the bare frame, sanding and repainting the frame, a good engine was bolted in. Prior to engine installation, engine was cleaned up. And the valve cover painted all black, sanded down for the brushed aluminum effect then shot with clear coat. The engine is from a donor 1982 xj750J Maxim with under 12,000 miles. Many other parts were pulled from that and another xj750J to complete this project, including the wheels.

    NOS (New Old Stock) fuel tank
    Midnight Maxim seat
    New National Cycle windscreen
    NOS LH mirror
    NOS stock horns
    New tires, both front and rear
    New Brake pads and shoes
    New Battery
    New steering head spindle bearings (to upgrade from original ball bearings)
    New LED chrome Bullet style lights custom-mounted and wired in front and in rear
    New LED Hyperlights brake lights that flash when brakes are applied. Also custom mounted and wired.
    Case guards with attached highway pegs
    Throttle lock
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  1. May_J_Aaron
    Great job!
    Where did you get those engine guards? Can you get a close up?
    I have an 83 Maxim 750
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    1. 750MaximSeattle
      PM sent with photos attached.
      750MaximSeattle, Oct 3, 2019
  2. john hellesvig
    Like your Bike,looks like you spent some quality time and expense,i recently restored a 85 700 Maxim with 9 k haven't got around to posting any photos yet. John
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    1. May_J_Aaron
      Yea I wouldn’t be able to sell it for nearly as much as I put into it but it’s a cool little project!
      May_J_Aaron, Oct 5, 2019