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Seca 550 Race Modified

  • Year:
    xj550 Seca
    Engine Size:
  1. Nyk B
    YOU HAVE A FUEL GUAGE?! Lol so jelly lmao
  2. a100man
    That's cool.. what about the front caliper too?
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      I don't know about the calipers either.
      750MaximSeattle, Jul 17, 2020
  3. Kickaha
    What are the carbs off ?
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      I don't know the history on those Mikuni downdraft carbs.
      750MaximSeattle, Jul 17, 2020
    2. Dave in Ireland
      Not downdraught.
      They look awfully similar to the carbs on late 70s GS 750s VM26, I think. I much preferred them to the later CV carbs.
      Dave in Ireland, Jul 17, 2020
    3. 750MaximSeattle
      Good point. Thanks.
      750MaximSeattle, Jul 17, 2020