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The Xj Abides

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    Yamaha luggage rack, Yamaha case guards, aftermarket folding highway pegs, Corbin seat (stock seat in most photos), EMGO top case, "super deluxe" PVC tool tubes (extra fuel storage on left, tools on right), Sptifire windscreen ((cut down 2 1/2" and left square on purpose) Now stock height with a bar readjust), weatherproof 12v dc outlet on the top triple tree, Vista Cruise throttle lock, Seca 650 mufflers, Turbo Seca oil cooler (modified to fit) Euro-Spec Seca 750 oil cooler. EMGO Classic handlebars. 10Watt 30º LED spot lamps. Shop-built single-wheel trailer (based on the front swingarm of a Yamaha Riva 180). Extra paint damage from a 75+ MPH gust during a Kansas storm (Will be clearcoated for posterity). ​

    COMING SOON: A rug to tie it all together.
  1. dowski68
    Don't suppose you have plans drawn up for that trailer?
    1. k-moe
      Nope. I built it to fit the cargo box. There is a thread on ADVRider.com that has better info about building single wheel trailers than I could write up.
      k-moe, May 25, 2017
  2. CactusJack578
    That trailer is cool. Did you make that yourself? And those hand guards are life savers. Cool Bike.
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    1. k-moe
      I did build the trailer frame in my garage. The hand guards are just there to keep the winter wind off my hands. They're a very cheap set with no metal bar at all.
      k-moe, May 19, 2017
  3. Steve R
    Looks good. I like the red.
  4. KristoF
    Perfect shot and perfect bike!
  5. Dirty Harry
    Sweet bike, I like the idea of having extra fuel on board too! Can you add more pics of the rack and fuel can? :-D
  6. CactusJack578
    Have fun with your Seca. Loved mine. Ride Long and Prosper. Jack
      Andrew Nichols likes this.
  7. CactusJack578
    My first post to you was heavily edited. Over written by 400 characters. Who's counting? Jack
  8. CactusJack578
    I had a red 750 Seca with the stock fairing. Sold it. A guy selling 2 Seca 750s for the price of half of one. Too many projects going at the time and passed. I love your "super deluxe PVC tool tubes"
  9. k-moe
    I just added a pair of LED spot lamps for daytime visibility/ extra viewing distance on country roads. Set up so they run independent of the headlights, they can be on as camp/work lights if needed.
  10. skiprrdog
    Very nice. PVC tool tubes...glad you cleared that up. At first glance I thought they were mini rocket launchers :)
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    1. k-moe
      k-moe, Dec 12, 2015