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1982 XJ650 Maxim Drive Shaft Removal

Discussion in 'XJ DIY How-To Instructions' started by winghunter, Jun 27, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    I've been working on disassembling my XJ650 in hopes to do a full restoration. This is my first rebuild so i'm really learning as I go. I'm currently stuck on trying to figure out how to remove my driveshaft and any help would be greatly appreciated! I removed my rear tire and drive assembly (which may of been a mistake) and started removing my swing arm thinking that the drive shaft would pull out of the swing arm. I thought I could go this route without having to remove the four stubborn brass colored bolts from the engine to the drive shaft joint. I read somewhere that some models have a clip that hold the shaft to the u joint and can be removed by tugging the shaft out. I tied a slip knot over the end that is exposed on the swing arm but haven't had any luck. Plus i'm worried about pulling to hard. My goal is to remove my engine but not sure if i'm going the correct route. Should I reinstall the rear wheel and drive assembly and go back to trying to remove the four brassy bolts?

    Thank you!

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