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86 XJ700 Brake Bleed issue Resolved

Discussion in 'XJ Technical Chat' started by 78dave, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. 78dave

    78dave New Member

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    So I really struggled with something that should be as simple as any putting air in tire. I could not get the brakes to bleed. I started doing this as I would any brakes with the handle and opening and closing the bleeder. Eventually the handle could pump up the brakes but never hold pressure. I was pretty sure the MC was rebuilt correctly so I used a vibratory sander and tied the brake lever tot he grip and left it over night. Nothing! So I decided to reverse bleed it and still no change. I even finished the trifecta with a vacuum bleed and no change. Then I decided to reverse bleed again and notice a drip or two coming out of the MC piston near the brake lever. Odd for sure so I pulled the MC and checked it and all was correct. really hard to roll those seals. But something seemed odd as I could pump up the pressure but as soon as I let go of the handle the pressure was gone - Bright light - source of problem found. I notice the lever adjustment screw allowed too much play and was allowing the MC piston to come all the way back to the retention clip and thuus releasing the pressure. I screwed int he adjusted to remove some play and quicky I had pressure holding on the lever.

    I had searched the forums but no one mentioned this. Now I know that that adjustment screw can cause the pressure to release at least for my XJ. The cir-clip is in place correctly and you can rotate it in the slot and the dust boot fits perfectly so the piston is locked to not return too far.

    So I have a correct lever pressure finally and brakes! All good.
  2. chacal

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    Very interesting........

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