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Discussion in 'XJ4Ever - Supporting Vendor' started by chacal, Feb 20, 2020.

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    For the past 6 months or so, we have been experiencing a concerning frequency of non-delivered (or, delivery to a JUNK or SPAM folder) e-mails to people using an @gmail.com account. We have researched and reached out to a variety of sources to try and determine the cause of this issue, with no success. And, this problem seems to "come and go" in frequency...……...at times there are no problems at all, and at other times, the problem seems to exist with almost ALL g-mail accounts.

    So if you are a gmail user, please be aware that we do respond to all incoming inquiries, and always check your junk or "spam" folders to see if the reply might have been delivered there. If you do find our messages (replies) there, please let us know about this situation, and also if there are any reasons given as to why our e-mail was directed there.

    Please note that we do not ever "mass mail" to people (gmail accounts or any others), and our research has never indicated that we are on any blacklists, etc. that may cause some servers or e-mail providers to block our e-mails to you.

    Of course, using the "CONVERSATION" feature on this website is totally unaffected by this e-mail issue.

    Thanks for your understanding, and we apologize if this situation causes any inconvenience or delays, but please know that we always respond quickly to all incoming messages/inquiries/requests to us!

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