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M & M Metalizing in CA

Discussion in 'Reviews - Service, Online, Retail Shop' started by Ryengoth, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Ryengoth

    Ryengoth Active Member

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    Wilmington, NC
    Has anyone had any plastics re-chromed by these guys? I'm looking at doing the gauge cover and possibly the side panels.
  2. XJ550H

    XJ550H Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Great North Woods
    sounds like they will chrome just about anything.
    a thing to ask is is about masking/not plating a side, is if it does not matter if both sides are chromed can you get the whole part done.
    it may be cheaper than masking it off one side.
    send them a quote request
    the company says it has different quality levels of finish as well as colors

    or what ever it is they do

    Got something different you wish to metalize or chrome plate, send it our way, M&M Metalizing Sales chroming service is definitely not limited to the automotive trade. We are happy to plate anything you desire eg: toys, model figures, boat accessories, home furnishings ... just ask!
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