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Starter won't shut off

Discussion in 'XJ Technical Chat' started by hamed, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. hamed

    hamed New Member

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    Houston, TX
    Weird issue...

    1. My bike completely shut off while driving with no electrical whatsoever. completely black.
    2. I found out the ignition fuse blew
    3. I jumpered the ignition fuse and started the bike a few times, no problems. (I did not replace the blown fuse)
    4. I started the bike today and the ignition fired....then the starter kept trying to turn regardless of the key position. I tried to turn the bike off and the engine kept trying to turn over. Even when the engine turned over , the starter kept firing. I removed the jumper (noted in point 3) and still kept firing.
    5. I removed the negative battery terminal and the bike finally turned off. I also removed the positive terminal as well.

    Bike is a 1982 XJ650 Maxim. original fuse box, new battery, and the PO put in a simpler after market gauge and removed turn signals and lights. I just received a blade style fuse box and I plan to upgrade but I want to know if anyone has had this problem before.
  2. Rooster53

    Rooster53 Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    North, FL
    Likely the starter solenoid is mechanically hanging up or has welded the contacts closed - I would suggest replacing it. With the battery disconnected you can check continuity across the two large terminals and it should read open, yours will likely read a low resistance.
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