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Sarah's '80 Yamaha Xj650 Maxim

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  • Year:
    XJ650 Maxim
    Engine Size:
    653 cc
    Modifications & Accessories:
    Hella H4 headlight conversion
    6 blade fuse block upgrade
    SS brake lines, rebuilt master cylinder, rebuilt caliper, & new pads & shoes
    SS clutch and throttle cables
    Rebuilt carbs, new intake manifolds, new fuel petcock
    Progressive Suspension 418 series adjustable rear shock absorbers
    Rebuilt forks, with Progressive Suspension fork spring kit
    All Balls tapered steering head bearings
    Slipstreamer SS-28 Sport fairing
    Lindby Linbar engine guard
    Cortech Super 2.0 saddlebags
    Castle saddlebag supports
    Tourmaster Cruiser III tool bag
    KG Engineering luggage rack
    Kuryakyn helmet lock
    Kuryakyn LED 'tri-light' license plate frame
    LED accent lighting & LED turn signal side mirrors
    Akron cell phone mount
    Eklipes power port
    Go Cruise 2 cruise assist
    Michelin Commander II's
    + necessary replacement of wear items, spark plugs, air filter, fluids, gaskets, bearings, etc.. and hours and hours of cleaning and polishing aluminum!
    Acquired in 2012 in very good original condition; one owner, 6,454 miles, all originally included accessories and documents (toolkit, security chain with instruction tag, owner's manual, Yamaha "owner's card", original title) all nicely packaged in the original dealer paperwork folder.

    Since then, we've lovingly restored, repaired, upgraded and customized into such an awesomely fun, reliable, incredibly peppy little bike that I am in love with, and will hopefully never have to part with.

    Even though it's taken 3- 4 years to get here, I've been able to ride the during the entire process, amassing another 10,000 miles so far. My bike has never left me stranded.
  1. Sarah
    About to hit 28,000 miles :D
  2. Glen F.
    How were you able to get the whole engine so bright, and how long did that process take?
    1. Sarah
      Aluminum polish kit, a couple cheap drills, (yes I burned one up!) and a couple "abrasive" balls made to attach to a drill, from Harbor Freight, and probably around 80+ hours total between my bf polishing and me polishing. Suggestion, get a good short stool and/or knee pads if you plan on doing this! Unfortunately there are no shortcuts besides hiring someone else to do this same process lol
      Sarah, Apr 19, 2020
    2. Glen F.
      It looks amazing! Time and money well spent. Can't wait to get mine on the road. It's been since 95 since I had it on the road.
      Glen F., Apr 20, 2020
    3. Sarah
      Good luck, Glen! It's so fun, just about perfect in every way! lol.
      Sarah, Apr 22, 2020
  3. josephkief311
    Question off subject I need help getting seat of a 1983 xj650 maxim back on. It latches on the right of course but not on the left side. How to do this would be helpful. Sorry off your subject.
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    1. Sarah
      The seat has to be lined up just right to snap in, once it's lined up right it should almost just fall into place. Push down in the middle back of the seat after sliding the front under the gas tank, and that should put even pressure on the seat by the latch and get it latched evenly. Make sure you have enough clearance under the seat, (nothing blocking the latch or sticking up too far) and that the latch/helmet lock is clean and lubed and functioning properly.
      Sarah, Sep 16, 2018
  4. CactusJack578
    Love the bags. The bike is all shined up like a new one. You must be headed to faraway places. Do you have a destination planned or will you just follow the wind? I love an adventure.
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    1. Sarah
      Unfortunately I have a bad back so I have to limit my riding time and take plenty of breaks. Eventually the old man and I plan to do a little touring, when we're older and have the time and money to invest in a more comfortable touring motorcycle. I use all of the luggage so I can take my bike shopping ;-)
      Sarah, Sep 16, 2018
  5. Sarah
  6. TurkBroda182
    Nice work Sarah, I just started on my journey with one of these. Mine was left in the rain for a spell so I started a little lwer on the chain than you did. I am sure it will last you quite some time.
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    1. Sarah
      Thanks, good luck with yours!
      Sarah, Apr 9, 2018
  7. doc t
    200 characters is too little space, imho
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    1. Sarah
      I agree completely
      Sarah, Sep 16, 2018
  8. doc t
    picked up same 16k stock jets (110, 40) . Plugs exhaust pipe are black, rich. No spark yet, Ignitor box.

    because my BMW K1100 RS fire, old fuel lines on a fuel injected bike.

  9. Jordan Young
    A couple things , did u change the seat or do u still have the sissy bar ? And with ur saddle bag supports did they interfere with ur shocks atol ?
    1. Sarah
      Original seat, still have the sissy bar, I just took it off unless I'm riding 2 up. Supports don't interfere at all, not even close. Without supports the bags would rub the shocks.
      Sarah, Apr 9, 2018
  10. Ray B
    I think that some customisation would result in a better ride without detracting too much on the value of these increasingly hard to find models. Destined to be a true classic I think?
    1. Sarah
      I sure think so, and I sure get a lot of compliments on her! Everything I've done has improved the ride and performance, I have friends with $15,000 bikes who hate mine because they can't even begin to keep up lol. When I was in an accident last year all the improvements definitely increased the value. They put a value of around $2400 on my bike
      Sarah, Sep 9, 2017