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    xj900 SECA
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    Easier to say what is stock: Much of the frame, the engine and the final drive.
    XJ900 Cafe Racer...
    Build by Greg Hageman based upon a design brief that asked, "If Yamaha had evolved the xj line more towards a naked, cafe racer motif, what might the xj900 SECA look like circa 1999?"
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  1. Kristofer Thaler
    Did you completely disassemble it to paint it? Is the engine done in one coat? No primer, or finish?
    1. Mike Martens
      While Greg Hageman did the build and the design, I had Eric at Flying Tiger Motors in St Louis MO dress the motor... and yes, he took it out of the frame and disassembled quite a bit to get to everything. It did a great job.
      Mike Martens, Nov 18, 2016
  2. wdaloz
    I have a photo of this from Barber a few years back, I rode my red/white 81 seca over with some friends from Atlanta. I prefer stock to most customs but this is very tastefully done. awesome build.
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  3. robawf
    Can you explain the carb set up on this bike. Those aren't stock to that bike, are they? They look like flat slide carbs, off of what? How do you like them, as far as, response and maintenance?
    1. Mike Martens
      You are correct; mikuni flat slides that had been set up for the fj1100. Had to have some extensions machined so bowls would clear the alternator. Carbs were dyno tuned and we were able to go up on the main jet a little, and had to lean it out at idle some. They sure make power at the top half of the rev range, and they fire right up no problem.
      Mike Martens, Nov 18, 2016
  4. schmiglish
    1. schmiglish
      Love this build, I think you'll like mine. will upload pics soon
      schmiglish, Dec 1, 2016
  5. Paul Fitzpatrick
    Lovely machine!Pretty sure I saw it sometime back in a UK bike mag?
  6. bikermania001
  7. nillawaferjam
    where did you hide the battery?
    1. Mike Martens
      It is in the tail cowl... Lithium Ion job. Works great, smaller, saved a few pounds too.
      Mike Martens, Mar 22, 2017
  8. Bosen
    Wow what a beauty
  9. Ryan 82 XJ650 Maxim
    Hi. Gorgeous build. Is the gas tank original? If not what is it off of? Thanks for your help.