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Interest in a Southern NJ (Greater Philadelphia area) Carb Clinic?

Discussion in 'Eastern US and Canada' started by BluesBass, May 16, 2023.

  1. BluesBass

    BluesBass Member

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    Clementon, New Jersey
    Hi everyone,

    I've been an XJ'er for a while, however with life happening as it does I am moving away from motorcycle ownership for the time being (divorced, primary custodian of a 3yo son, etc.).

    I am located in Southern New Jersey - 08021 for those curious on zip code. I am selling my last bike, a 1983 XJ550 this spring/summer, however I still want to support the hobby.

    A couple caveats:
    1. I'm in a heavily populated area. A group ride would be riddled with 25mph strictly enforced zones, stop signs, and traffic lights
    2. I will no longer own a bike in any form, and therefore would be unable to lead a 'group ride' after the event
    3. I have limited parking / only 0.4 acres total lot space, and an average driveway. Space would be limited
    With all of this in mind, would the community be interested in a SNJCC? I have the ability to balance and tune carburetors/engines, colortune spark plugs, and my knowledge of these bikes to offer. I don't have a ton of parking, nor do I have a ton of space for people to camp or other accommodations (I could support maybe 3-4 campers/tents here, but not much more).

    Please let me know if this is something the community is interested in, and if there is enough of an XJ owner base in the greater Philadelphia area to support a SNJCC. I'd be happy to host the community if there is demand!
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  2. BigT

    BigT Active Member

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    Airville, Pa
    I would be interested, really haven’t been on the forum in a while and just got back on to try to find advice on fixing a howling speedometer.

    Would love to go to Hogfiddles Carb clinic but it’s too far to ride for me and I no longer own a truck to haul my motorcycle.

    I took my carbs to the Church of Clean about 8 years ago but they could use some help again. I never got around to Colourtuning them despite actually purchasing a Colour tune plug from Len.

    I have always fought stumbling on initial take off when warm and also hard starting when warm.

    I will try to frequent the forum more often to see if you get more interest and I would be willing to help out if this does happen.
  3. Fuller56

    Fuller56 Well-Known Member

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    Cary, NC (winter) Harpursville, NY (summer)
    @BigT make a weekend of it. Ride up on Friday, camp on Dave's yard, Clinic on Saturday, nice ride home Sunday. Easy peasy, at least for me to describe for you.
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  4. Huntchuks

    Huntchuks Well-Known Member

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    East Rochester, NY
    This is what I do, stay two nights. Makes for easier travel. Now, if only we can convince @TheCrazyGnat to do this.
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