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What I like about my English bike

Discussion in 'Other Motorcycles' started by Simmy, Jun 10, 2024.

  1. Simmy

    Simmy Well-Known Member

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    Waterloo Ontario Canada
    It has just one Amal carb, LOL.
    This bike (441 Victor) is only for riding the fairgrounds of the local vintage rally.
    Several years back I put a brand new Amal on it and had it starting with one kick.
    Then it sat until the following year and I haven't had it running since.
    I'm going to make one more attempt at cleaning this sucker out, they are notorious for plugging up with all the right angle bends the passage makes.
    My 63 years were showing as I tried to kick this thing to life, actually fired for a few seconds, once, just enough to give me hope.
    I decided to run it down my driveway and just about killed myself with an approaching car.
    The next run I had to burn into my head that the left leg is brake. Leave it in 2nd gear and leave the right leg alone. The front brake is marginal.

    Have a look at this beauty
    fuel tap.JPG
    the fuel tap on the left I bought a few years ago.
    The seal is made of cork if you can believe that.
    Anyway, just bought the one on the right, same supplier but you'll notice to lock it in the on-position you turn it 90 degrees the other way.
    The Brits just couldn't make up their minds, RH shift, LH shift, positive ground, negative ground, we could go on.
    I love Japanese bikes!

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  2. Timbox

    Timbox Well-Known Member

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    Wisconsin, Tomah
    I think that is a great little bike to keep around for such an event. I have a lot of my friends that do that in my area. The "Slimy crud run" in WI is one of those events that many people have that one project bike they love to ride to the event.

    As for working on them bikes, yes, it almost seems they want to have all kinds of proprietary tools and all kind of stuff for their bikes. I will not do BMW or Moto Guzzy anymore for the same reason. No matter how much I like the bikes, I just have to stay away from them do to how fun they are to work on....lol

    Good luck with the repair, and I hope this time it lasts longer. One kick and a start, wow, you have done very well on the turning of that bike.

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