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Dec 8, 2014
Jun 26, 2008
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Rural SE Michigan 60 miles N of Motown
IT Support Manager

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Well-Known Member, Male, from Rural SE Michigan 60 miles N of Motown

RacerTV-- amateurs going by the views expressed by the motorcycle magazines back in the day rather than experience with the subject. Nov 21, 2014

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Dec 8, 2014
    1. DennisMaxim
      Big fits this is what my post was supposed to have been I slid my yics tool down the yics passage in the cylinder head and then it dawned on me that I had to clean it out the passageway now my question is having slid that yics tube down the passage prior to cleaning it out will that clog my start circuit in the cylinder head
    2. DennisMaxim
      Big fits I need your help I sleep my ex tube down my ex chamber and I forgot I had to clean it out right now my question is this with me sliding that tube down that chamber prior to cleaning it out will that called my start circuit passages
    3. Bud
      Guy I took an 82 xj completely perfect bike an changed the entire electric over to my 85 why am I not cranking off button and y am I not getting fire plz help
    4. Fer93
      Need help with the wiring of my CDI for yamaha XJ750, please!!! 4 pins notch has the signs P+. P-. OUT. IN. 6 pins side says EB. G. IG-2. IG-1. And two blank pins, what does all that means??? The wiring system of my bike was cutted off, so I can not identify the wiring
    5. Barbara King
      Barbara King
      I have been trying to decode the 9 digit VIN for a Yamaha motorcycle for weeks, I GIVE, can you please decode the following 3G0-001483. I can get it down to 2 positions but give up on trying to do it myself. HELP
      1. FJ111200
        New to this, but that VIN is for a XS650. Does that help?
        Aug 24, 2019
      2. Barbara King
        Barbara King
        I've gotten so far. 1980 Yamaha XS650G, Model XS-G (xs650G) Year 79-80, Model Code 3G0, Engine number 3G0-001453. I have decoded and JYA4BB007G0A00143, but this is not correct. The 9th digit is (check digit) - 10th digit is model year. I really need to find an entire decoder for 9 digit VIN to 17 digit VIN. THANK FOR ANY HELP SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME.
        Aug 25, 2019
    6. moto_mitch
      Could you help me out with an `82 XJ750 Maxim speedo question. You're inbox is full so it won't let me PM you.
    7. Millzattc
      Bigfitz52- wondering if you can help me with an issue on having with my Maxim 700? It has no torque, and while ridding in low gears it rattles and knocks from I'm guessing the transmission, clutch, shifter area. On Center stand in nuetral no noise is heard??
    8. Earnest J Jackson
      Earnest J Jackson
      Hey could you send me cable routing for xj750 maxim
    9. GTO
      Hey I have a 82 xj750 It won’t start not ever with starter fluid it has spark but won’t fire if you could tell me what to look for that would be great thanks
    10. Jo Murray
      Jo Murray
      hi big man first time used forum looking for help to find supplier for valve shims for my 1986 maxim XJ 700 x water cooled Yamaha .I live in Scotland and have fek all here. hope to heare from you .cheers pal.
    11. ostis
      Hi! first a big thanks to all the guides you have posted:D But it seems that all the pictures you have posted are gone... Would it be possible to upload them again?
    12. Kendrick
      I hope you guys can help me. I have a 1980 Yamaha coils it won't start. I'm getting power to the ignition coils but no power to the spark plug wires and spark plugs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? I got the bike from a friend really cheap, but the electrical was all screwed up. But I think for the most part, I have it figured out.
    13. RobPryce
    14. Kozmo
      Hey there... you wrote on the one thread about XJ550 clutch cable routing and mentioned in your reply that you had instructions on the proper placement? (forums/threads/81-xj550-clutch-cable-routing.44605/). Would you be able to PM that to me? It would be really appreciated. Thanks!!
    15. Jeff Losee
      Jeff Losee
      How do I post a question or create a new forum under technical? I disassembled my starter to try and rebuild it, and noticed the magnets inside the main container are broke, like in pieces. No wonder it wouldn't crank properly. Anyways I need to post and ask where I can get an entirely new starter motor, or if there is anywhere I can get an aftermarket one, maybe an Arrowhead or something.
      1. msgoodwrench
        I got a new starter from Chacal on here. info@xj4ever.com
        Gotten other parts there too, great to work with him.
        Jun 17, 2017
    16. Tim L
      Tim L
      I think my 86 maxim needs some coolant and it is hard to see the level. Where and how do I do this ? Thanks for any help.
    17. Mathius
      I was told that you were in the know with polished wheels.
      Do you have any pics of what they look like finished, and on the bike?
    18. Sed8d
      Hey bigfitz! I was looking at the posts of your Seca 550. Beautiful job!! Did you paint the drum and caliper with a spray can paint or did you have a shop do it? The black front fender looks fantastic as well!!
      Where in SE MI are you from? I was born in Warren and raised in Troy.
    19. Greenhorn
      I stripped the drain plug on my final drive how screwed am I ? I have a xj 1100 nice machine this was the last maintenance thing that was on the list ! It doesn't leak oil can I JUST SECURE THE BOLT SOMEHOW JB WELD IT IN THERE AND GO WITH IT ????
    20. chris petty
      chris petty
      hows it going was hoping you or someone that knows about bikes can help me out i have 81 xj650 that is not gettin fuel to the cylinders
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    Rural SE Michigan 60 miles N of Motown
    IT Support Manager
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    '83 XJ550R, '81 550R