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Jan 23, 2020 at 3:53 PM
Apr 6, 2007
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near utica, new york
1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.

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XJ-Wizard, Host-Central NY Carb Clinic, from near utica, new york

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You screwed then up. The only ones that were removable where in the 1980 '80 650 bowls, I don't recall the 750 bowl having a removable jet… Dec 20, 2018

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Viewing thread 81 XJ650RJ parts lot in Phoenix area, Jan 23, 2020 at 3:53 PM
    1. hogfiddles
      Spike....more than likely, one of the exhaust heat-shields is loose. When you hear it,touch with your toe and see if it stops.
    2. hogfiddles
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    3. Dally
      Dally I have an 82' XJ750 Maxim it will run then die suddenly and when it is restarted it backfires. I t will restart but wants to go through the same process again. ( It is also very cold natured in the morning startup. ) I would like it to just be able to run at an even idle. Around 1150 to 1200 rpm. What should I check first?
    4. hogfiddles
      Mike....check your inbox
    5. mikew44
      hogfiddles hi I was directed to you on carb cleaning for my 1985 xj700 max hope you can help me out carb is off but looking for a good carb cleaning and carb set back to factory settings replace anything that needs replacing let me know if we can hook up or if you can direct me to place here in Portland Oregon thx
    6. hogfiddles
      Kevin, check your inbox.... We'll talk there......
    7. Kevin Beckner
      Kevin Beckner
      Can you give me a ball park price to have the carbs cleaned and rebuilt on my 82 xj 750? I was told I should come to you.
    8. hogfiddles
      bobt, check your inbox
    9. bobt
      I here you are the carb. man. If I send the carbs out do you have a ball park on the cost? How do I contact you?
    10. gmzo6
      hey hogfiddles can you read my post about my turn signal and maybe give me some advice, the only info I don`t have is about the bulb that's in the new turn signals, I can`t get it out
    11. hogfiddles
      Couldn't care less about the value of kitchens
    12. hogfiddles
      1. joejr2
        Hogfiddles I can tell by your replies and comments that you know your way around the bike world. I'm trying to get info
        on two things. How to find a bike shipper in any given town
        who will pick up a bike, prep it and submit it for shipment
        to a motor frieght company. The other is the most secure way of sending money to a seller guaranteeing that they are
        who they claim to be and that there is an actual motorcycle.
        Sep 10, 2015
    13. quebecois59
      With Pollock's help I made some room in my inbox so your message would come in !
    14. quebecois59
      Hey Dave, I hope you're doing well. My Seca900 is still not running but I recently saw an ad about a '84 Seca 750 front fairing and I wonder if it would be a direct swap?
    15. Steve R
      Steve R
      Hi, Len said that you were the guy to talk to you about my carburetors. I have a 1983 seca. I have rebuilt the carburetors but I did not break them from the rack. I am slightly handicapped and it's getting to be a lot of work. I do have a vacuum leak shaft seals. What would you charge to replace them for me?
    16. hogfiddles
      go into the forum or marketplace heading that you want, then click on the "post new thread" button toward the upper right area
    17. hogfiddles
      robawf, we ALL lost our pics when we went to the new format. You'll have to reload what you can. We ALL had to.
    18. hogfiddles
      I DON'T......my wife will confirm that---much to her annoyance.
    19. hogfiddles
      xj750R is a Seca, not Maxim. XJ750M is a Midnight Maxim...all black and gold, no bright chrome. H-1981,J-1982, K-1983. What year on title?
    20. hogfiddles
      ( other than the parts that were mentioned in the forum)
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    near utica, new york
    1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.
    #1 hobby - collecting rocks and minerals #2 hobby - a whole bunch of other hobbies


    XJ900RK, XJ700, a couple dozen more XJ's, 2 Hondas, 2 Suzukis, 2 xs400 Secas....and counting
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