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1985 Xj700 In Factory Trim

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  1. Steve R
    Pros - I would not change anything. Looks great.
    Cons - Don't see any cons
    Very nice looking bike, Dave. I'm thinking the 700 are not a lot of them around.
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  2. KatherineJaneIII
    "Love it ! !"
    Such a beautiful bike ! ! Love the factory trim - so NICE !!
    1. hogfiddles
      Thank you!
  3. Wagy
    "Looks alot like mine did"
    Pros - didn't know we had the same bike
    Cons - never cared for the pipes on mine
    Hey Hog, we have talked a lot, but didn't realize we both had same model .
    1. hogfiddles
      I actually have many of the same models....4-5 750r's,2-3 700 airheads, 3-4 X's, etc........
  4. Unclescary
    "Looks great"
    Has a nice classic look