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'82 Xj650 Maxim Bobber/chop

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    XJ650 Maxim
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    will update soon
  1. Sal Raciti
    Finally, someone bobbed out a bike and didn't just flat black everything.
  2. Sal Raciti
    it looks like the frame, doesn't the tire hit the fender when you go over bumps?
  3. Sal Raciti
    is your rear fender attached to the frame or the hub of the wheel?
  4. Sal Raciti
    hello, nice bike, so I have the same bike and i chopped the rear off. i kept the springs so I'm having an issue with my tire hitting the fender and seat when the springs compress.
  5. Olliexj650
    I've got a 81 xj650 I'm wanting to hardtail any tips you can give or web sites to visit
  6. Hopkins Jason
    How did you choose your handle bar controls? I am having a hard time finding some that will work for my 82 750 build?
  7. Brandon Cappellin
    Can you point me toward some larger tires that will fit this bike stock with no modifications? as i am building a bobber from the same bike looking for a little fatter rear tire and a nice meaty front
    1. bjmudryk
      Hey Brandon...unfortunately because of the gear drive swingarm, the largest you can go is a 130.
      bjmudryk, Mar 18, 2017
  8. bikermania001
  9. David Cormier
    Where did you get the dust covers and what size for the front forks?
    1. bjmudryk
      Hey David...I haven't been on in a while...life seems to always take ove for me. Anyway...the gaiters I got from eBay for $15.
      bjmudryk, Sep 12, 2016
  10. tater1122
    Your bike looks amazing I'm in the process of building mine into a bobber as this is my first bike I've ever owned and moddified I had some questions
    1. bjmudryk
      Hey tater...thank you so much. This is my first bike too. My friends keep telling me that I'm outta my mind for doing it instead of just buying a rider. But I've always been one of those don't ever tell me it can't be done kinda guys, because I'll prove ya wrong...lol
      bjmudryk, Sep 12, 2016