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'82 Xj650 Maxim Bobber/chop

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    XJ650 Maxim
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    Will update soon
    will update soon
  1. Donny Avery
    Very nice, got all the little details spot on. Where did you find extended throttle cables?
    1. bjmudryk
      Sorry. Havent been on in some time. I got my cables custom made at SS Custom Cycle. Great price and exactly how I wanted them.
      bjmudryk, Aug 19, 2020
  2. bjmudryk
    She's going through some modifications. I'll post pics soon.
  3. bjmudryk
    Hey...been a long time. Life took over for a while. I'll try to get back to everyone. Time to finish before fall so I get some riding in
  4. Bosen
    Wow. Looks like you put a lot of work into this. Looks great!
      bjmudryk likes this.
    1. bjmudryk
      Thanks Bosen. She still has a way to go.
      bjmudryk, Jul 30, 2019
  5. Sal Raciti
    Finally, someone bobbed out a bike and didn't just flat black everything.
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  6. Sal Raciti
    it looks like the frame, doesn't the tire hit the fender when you go over bumps?
  7. Sal Raciti
    is your rear fender attached to the frame or the hub of the wheel?
    1. bjmudryk
      Actually the rear fender is attached to the swing arm. Whole thing moves as one. 1/2" gap between tire and fender
      bjmudryk, Jul 30, 2019
  8. Sal Raciti
    hello, nice bike, so I have the same bike and i chopped the rear off. i kept the springs so I'm having an issue with my tire hitting the fender and seat when the springs compress.
    1. bjmudryk
      Thanks Sal. I mounted my fender to the swing arm. All moves as one.
      bjmudryk, Jul 30, 2019
  9. Olliexj650
    I've got a 81 xj650 I'm wanting to hardtail any tips you can give or web sites to visit
    1. bjmudryk
      XJBikes is the best group to get this info. You have years of experience with these guys
      bjmudryk, Jul 30, 2019
  10. Hopkins Jason
    How did you choose your handle bar controls? I am having a hard time finding some that will work for my 82 750 build?
    1. bjmudryk
      I had to buy longer cables. 6" I believe. Got them from Bike Bandit
      bjmudryk, Jul 30, 2019