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Dom's 1982 Xj750 Maxim J

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    Maxim J
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    My stock 1982 XJ 750 Maxim J
  1. Bluestar
    You’re missing the “YAMAHA” gold emblem on each side of the tank, it makes the bike truly stand out, you’ve don a great job.
  2. Bishop30
    I have an 82 maxim xj750 identical to yours
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    1. DomG too the max
      It an awesome bike for being 38 years young its my high school graduation gift for being a good student lol. Glad my parents were actually listing to me. 2 weeks after this I had money saved up and bought xj 1100 J maxim I also still have this hence 1100 gallery pics. Thanks and happy cruising! Dom
      DomG too the max, Jun 3, 2020
  3. Bishop30
    Hi, I'm new to this site and to motorcycles, I Think I may have The plug wires on the wrong plugs. If you can could you tell me the order the plugs go.
    1. DomG too the max
      Hey good evening j7st a note to let ya know the wire routing on an xj 750. If you are sitting on your bike left to rt it is 1outer 2 inner 3 inner and 4 outer this is the rt order hope this helps you im going out on a cruise now its nice out have a great night!!
      DomG too the max, Jun 3, 2020
    2. Bishop30
      Thanx man that helped alot. Running smooth and no irregularities.
      Bishop30, Jun 4, 2020
  4. Mavrick9
  5. Gene Summitt
    i was riding and the oil light came on then it began to cut out and die. it acts like it wants to start but will backfire. anyone have any ideas what the problem is?
  6. sherlock
    Looking to buy a really nice, clean, original, stock XJ 750 Maxim. Prefer the '82 model with adjustable bars. Thanks. Ivan Crow. 417-712-4035.