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  1. Jdubs
    Hi I have a 82 xj750 secs and was wondering how much oil i should put in the engine?
  2. Mr. J
    This is super cool! Definitely going to hang in my shop
  3. Tim morris
    I don't want to get in any trouble making copies and selling them think I can give them away though ? :)
  4. SpearChucker
    That is super cool! Great image Tim.
  5. Easy Rider
    I would totally buy one if you can make any copies.
  6. Tim morris
    Think I'm going to send it out and have a poster made
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  7. Ribo
  8. Door dude
    That is so cool, Got any copy's for sell ?
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    1. Tim morris
      I'll try to have some made
      Tim morris, Nov 24, 2017
  9. RusteeGold
    I don't know what this is - but I really like it. Thinking 'bout getting it tattooed on me...
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    1. MattiThundrrr
      It's a pretty cool cutaway illustration. I love that stuff. I have a book full of them of WW2 airplanes. Super cool.
      Your tattoo artist would ask you to simplify it. A lot. It'd have to be huge to include that much detail.
      MattiThundrrr, Nov 8, 2017