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Midnight Street Tracker Stealth Machine (aka 1981 Xj650).

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    TO DO:

    on-hold - Swap out the exhaust - see how paint holds up.
    Change the seat and maybe a frame loop
    Swap on the XJ550 tank
    new electrical harness and fuse box

    Drag bars
    Tommaselli - Italian natural gum rubber grips
    Midnight Maxim front fender
    front and rear pegs
    fork gaiters

    Progressive 12 shocks
    Nissin Master Cylinder
    Retro slim master reservoir
    Clutch lever and perch
    Midnight Maxim front fender
    All cables replaced
    Front brake line and all banjos etc.
    on/off road tires
    bar end mirror
    other bar end to match and stop wobble.
    Valve shims checked and adjusted
    All brake pads/shoes replaced

    All wiring moved under tank
    Ford style rear light
    Bates headlight - powder coated
    single mini tachometer
    single mini speedometer with informational lights
    smoked amber turn-signals
    New NGK spark plug boots and leads.

    VHT Racing Green, Yamaha decal and 2K clear - Tank.
    VHT black caliper paint - forks swing arm and drive shaft.
    VHT black matte - front and rear fender and side covers.
    VHT Engine Paint black metallic - Mufflers & Engine
    VHT Flame Proof header paint flat black - Headers
  1. jackson6949
    hello help me with a wiring problem. i bought a new harness for my 1981 yamaha xj 650 maxim and half the wires where cut. i put them all back together but a brown wire. i dont know where it goes
    1. Ribo
      is it like a chocolate brown or a lighter brown?
      Ribo, Jul 19, 2017
  2. logan.va
    Hi I am undergoing a build on my 82 Xj650 and I wanted to know how you mounted the seat and the rear fender. I plan I using a stock seat and a very bobbed rear fender.
  3. logan.va
    Hey I was wondering what NISSIN MC you used. I am trying to switch to one on my XJ650
  4. Rusty29
    those displays are badass,do u mind giving me the info on where i can pick them up?
  5. MrJason33
    I love the work you did on the instrument cluster. Looks simple and sleek. Do you know where I can find information on doing something similiar?
  6. BrianM
    I like your tank paint job, looks pretty neat. I've got the stock 650LH and for now it will stay that way, if I decide to change it up, your bike is a great example.
  7. Ribo
    This picture is the best I've seen it. I wish I had the money to replace the exhaust right now but that's going to have to be the next thing. Funny how making something look good highlights the bad.
      Konoc likes this.