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Original Owner Xj550k

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    Purchased new in 1985. Unrestored - "survivor." I included a picture of me with it the day I brought it home.
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  1. freire62
    My first bike was a red '83 XJ550K, purchased new when I was stationed in CA - held on to it for 11 years before selling it to a friend of mine and always thought about finding another one.
  2. Franz
    Smashing looking bike.
  3. wgul
    Nice to see those shiny chrome exhaust headers.
  4. wgul
    What a beauty. I'll be going back often to your pics for inspiration on cleaning and shining up my xj650 of same color. Thanks for posting these
  5. Christopher Batton
    Ive got a 1982 Yamaha xj650 maxim for sale if you need another one
  6. Mike Othmer
    Good looking bike
  7. Chance
    It is truly a great looking bike.
  8. cgutz
    24,000 miles. a few flaws when up close. seat has repaired crack and aluminum clearcoat peeling in places. 4 inch scratch on gas tank.
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    1. Ray
      Very nice shape. Maybe someone here can help you with touching up that scratch so at least it's less noticeable and easier to live with? I have two 1/2 scratches that I've touched up an hidden with a fine brush. They are much less noticeable now. Some day you'll have the bread to repaint the tank / side covers. As for the aluminum, I carefully used stripper on my 83, then buffed and polished with autosol. Then I touched up the block and valve cover with black engine enamel. Looks showroom now.
      Ray, Mar 31, 2016
    2. cgutz
      i mixed up some Testors on the scratch which is on the photo side of the tank below the emblem. You really cant see it from a distance. At the car show from which this photo was taken people asked how much restoration I had done so think I will leave it untouched!
      cgutz, Mar 31, 2016
  9. MattiThundrrr
    What kind of miles have you put on that beauty? She looks so shiny and new!
  10. jayrodoh
    Nice! It's good to see some of these were actually cared for over the years.