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Red Bike

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    Modifications & Accessories:
    -Rear sets and handle bars fabricated.
    -Fuse box upgrade.
    -Factory seat reshaped, width thinned almost 3", and reupholstered.
    -Lowered fuel tank in front 1 1/2".
    -Swingarm swap off of a 1993 XJ600,width tightened 1 1/2" to fit suspension mounts.
    -Steering damper with fabricated mount.
    -House of Kolor red paint.
    -145 MPH speedometer in lowered factory cluster.
    -XJ700 engine side covers.
    -Euro wiring harness replicated.
    -XJR400 SS header pipes, NOS collector, reverse cones w/ SS wool packing.
    -HYPERPAK FlameThrower TCI unit.
    -AGM 14AMP battery.
    -2003 CB750 coils w/ 8mm plug wires.
    -RFY rear shocks. (modified)
    Front set up:
    -Lowered 1983 GSX650 air forks, brake calipers & 19" front wheel.
    -Progressive springs.
    -1982 KZ750 drilled dual front discs.
    -1983 GSX650 front fender.
    Rear disc brake set up:
    -2002 R6 master cylinder & reservoir.
    -1998 Bandit GSF600 caliper.
    -1983 GSX750 18" rear wheel.
    -1982 KZ750 drilled disc.
    -Fabricated brackets,caliper stay & brake control bell crank.
    Built not bought, $500 Craigslist find with 8000 miles. One owner.
  1. LarryMc
    thank you
  2. Bosen
    Duuuuude I love it.
  3. LarryMc
    The USD forks swap has been completed. To compliment the front end modification, the bike is currently undergoing a monoshock suspension modification which will incorporate later model 17" wheels.
  4. LarryMc
    Talked the owner (coworker) into selling me this bike a couple months ago. It's currently undergoing a USD fork swap and several other upgrades.
    Photos will be posted.
      Daniel T Barnhart likes this.
  5. LarryMc
    Well done!
    Seen your bike on the web with floating rotors and other mods since these images. Please update!
  6. Josiah Hein
    What did it take to get the front fork conversion done?
  7. Nastn8
    Hey Robawf.... I'm wondering what you can tell me about this Hyperpack TCI unit you've utilized. I'm thinking its possible I may run into an air fuel mixture that may require an aggressive spark.
    1. robawf
      The Hyperpak TCI is a solid unit. My bike seems to run better since installing the TCI. Supposedly the way the advance curve is set up is different from the stock configuration. Whatever it is, the bike just pulls really in a semi violent kind of way different than before. Thats fine with me. The company that sells them is Electronic Research and Development,it is out of New Zealand.
      robawf, Mar 1, 2017
    2. robawf
      Its a one man shop ran by a guy named Wayne Gum, damn good guy, stands behind his product 100%. He has a eBay storefront or you can order from ERD. The only drawback is the standard shipping time to the US from NZ is 3 to 4 weeks, so you gotta deal with that wait time. The price was about $130.00 because it was on sale for the Thanksgiving Cyber Sale whatever thing. I did replace my coils, wires and plug caps with new stuff along with rewiring the bike from scratch when installing the Hyperpak.
      robawf, Mar 1, 2017