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Red Bike

Average User Rating:
  1. 1965soda
    "Nicely done!"
    Pros - Looks incredible...very well integrated!
    Cons - Too nice to ride! :)
    Very impressive!
  2. LarryMc
    "How it should have been built!"
    Pros - Done right, not over the top, there's a lot going on with this bikes when you look close.
    Cons - Seen this on the web with updated modifications. Share them here!
    The modifications are tastefully done, perfect definition of this m/c=restomod
  3. Nastn8
    "Clean.....subtle, with a touch of diablo!"
    Pros - The color, the mods, the swaps, and the lessons learned!
    Cons - More Pictures please!
    I'm always impressed with anyone willing to stick their neck out to find out what works.
    1. robawf
      Your very kind, thank you.