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Restored 1980 Xj650 (4k0)

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    Restored to stock, except for exhaust mufflers.
    Restored from two old and wrecked bikes. Really enjoyed doing it.
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  1. taptapindustries
    Beautiful Resto!
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  2. Chal
    Wow, that's a really beautiful looking bike. Inspiring but you've really set the bar high.
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  3. Pizzaman
    That's beautiful. Nice work. Lot of effort put into that one
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  4. Connor Bunch
    Wow, that's one classy bike
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  5. Simmy
    Also your chrome parts look awesome. Did you get things re-plated?
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, yes got the headers rechromed and bought new gauge surrounds.
      David Gaunt, Oct 22, 2019
  6. Simmy
    I'm curious to know what paint schemes you got in Australia with the 650?
    In Canada we got silver bikes with non-YICS motors or the red like yours with YICS motors.
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    1. David Gaunt
      We only ever got non YICS models, I think they were available in blue silver and red. My side cover badges are Seca 650 which are not correct, I just couldn’t find the 650 only badges.
      David Gaunt, Oct 22, 2019
  7. Brian Harris
    How’d you manage to make the exhaust look new when the header pipes were rusty off the original bike? Beautiful work
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, I had them re-chromed.
      David Gaunt, Oct 21, 2019
  8. dkavanagh
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    1. Minimutly
      Excellent work - need to see the Cooper S now?
      Minimutly, Mar 5, 2020
    2. David Gaunt
      That thing is kicking my ass, give me a bike to restore any day ;)
      David Gaunt, Mar 13, 2020