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Restored 1980 Xj650 (4k0)

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    Restored to stock, except for exhaust mufflers.
    Restored from two old and wrecked bikes. Really enjoyed doing it.
  1. Brian Harris
    How’d you manage to make the exhaust look new when the header pipes were rusty off the original bike? Beautiful work
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, I had them re-chromed.
      David Gaunt, Oct 21, 2019
  2. dkavanagh
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    2. David Gaunt
      That thing is kicking my ass, give me a bike to restore any day ;)
      David Gaunt, Mar 13, 2020
    3. Ozhammer
      Hi David, first up great looking bike mate, it's a stunner for sure and I am just so glad that you didn't go down the cafe/brat/bobber route, which so many of these great bikes seem to be afflicted by.

      I have just bought myself a project 4K1 over here on the east coast of Oz and am looking forward to trying to get close to what you have achieved with your bike. Would it be OK if I picked your brains once in a while, as my experience is mainly with two stroke restos?

      Ozhammer, Sep 14, 2020
    4. Ozhammer
      I will be painting mine the same colour as yours, which is the pick of the bunch imho. My bike is rough but pretty complete and it was reasonably priced, so I have some headroom to put some money into it, which as we know, is always more that we budget for!
      Ozhammer, Sep 14, 2020