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Restored 1980 Xj650 (4k0)

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    Restored to stock, except for exhaust mufflers.
    Restored from two old and wrecked bikes. Really enjoyed doing it.
  1. Jordan Litchfield
    Looks a gem! I’m curious how you got the fairings looking so clean. On a cafe conversion of my own 82 XJ650. Someone has made an attempt on them at some point but need to give it some proper love now.
    1. David Gaunt
      Thanks. Not sure what you mean by fairings, if you mean side covers, they were repainted
      David Gaunt, May 18, 2020
  2. JCH
    Nice work David,looks like it just came off the Showroom floor...
    Do you live here in Wash Area ?
    1. David Gaunt
      Thanks. I am from Perth Australia
      David Gaunt, May 7, 2020
  3. Kalikiano Kalei
    That's a beautiful restoration! I had a 1982 XJ750 (black) with only 44K miles on the clock. Like a FOOL, I sold it and have regretted doing so ever since. Your restored 650 is a jewel!
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    1. David Gaunt
      Thanks, I enjoyed the restoration process and riding it is as much fun as I remembered back in the early 80’s
      David Gaunt, Apr 28, 2020
  4. taptapindustries
    Beautiful Resto!
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  5. Chal
    Wow, that's a really beautiful looking bike. Inspiring but you've really set the bar high.
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  6. Pizzaman
    That's beautiful. Nice work. Lot of effort put into that one
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  7. Connor Bunch
    Wow, that's one classy bike
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  8. Simmy
    Also your chrome parts look awesome. Did you get things re-plated?
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, yes got the headers rechromed and bought new gauge surrounds.
      David Gaunt, Oct 22, 2019
  9. Simmy
    I'm curious to know what paint schemes you got in Australia with the 650?
    In Canada we got silver bikes with non-YICS motors or the red like yours with YICS motors.
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    2. chips
      Hello 4K0 in Europe 1980 came as Crystal silver and Cardinal candy red i am restoring 3 X Js just now my original stating silver just a clean up, a cheap one i bought getting painted Cardinal red , and i am doing the 3rd the colour sceme for a 1982 yics model , 11N which is called Candy blue ,
      chips, Mar 11, 2021
    3. chips
      Rs paints in UK have all three colours for me and the red and the blue candys get a base coat , searched and eventually found the tank decals and tail piece decals for the candy blue , the tank decal unlike the other 2 colours does not have the badge going through it , but sits in front of it , i finally realised it was not a 4KO but an 11N model .
      chips, Mar 11, 2021
    4. chips
      I have also looked and not found side panel badges but a friend is going to try chrome foiling them and then sealing them
      chips, Mar 11, 2021
  10. Brian Harris
    How’d you manage to make the exhaust look new when the header pipes were rusty off the original bike? Beautiful work
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, I had them re-chromed.
      David Gaunt, Oct 21, 2019