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Sarah's '80 Yamaha Xj650 Maxim

Average User Rating:
  1. Mshawnm109r
    Pros - Prefect in every detail
    Cons - None
    what a beautiful bike !
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    1. Sarah
      Thank you! I'm really really happy with the way everything turned out, and really proud that we've done almost all the work ourselves (with lots of help and advice from xjbikes and chacal!)
  2. CactusJack578
    "A Perfect XJ650"
    Pros - Original with low milage, factory extras, factory Yamaha tools, original Yamaha documentation. A Girl Rides it.
    Cons - It's not my bike
    A fine example of an XJ650 restored to perfection and is being ridden.
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  3. KatherineJaneIII
    "Very nice !"
    This looks great! Love the engine guard - nice touch!
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  4. Sarah
    "I love my XJ!"
    Pros - Super fun, low mileage standard that I've perfected just for me.
    Cons - $$$
    Overall, I give the xj650 enthusiastic 5 stars. This a motorcycle I want to keep and ride forever.