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Seca 550 Race Modified

  • Year:
    xj550 Seca
    Engine Size:
  1. John Webb
    The gears selection is very tight on mine, have you ever had that issue. Thank you
  2. John Webb
    Hi mate nice bike, I have a 1982 seca and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions, please.
    Can you tell me what carbs you have on yours they are different from the ones on my bike?
  3. Minimutly
    Looks like a modified vn1500 like I had on my trike
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  4. Minimutly
    Some nice touches there - is the disc a one off, or an upgrade from another Yamaha? How does it stop?
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      Stops good! IDK where the parts came from. I recently restored it and sold it. Really fun to ride!
      750MaximSeattle, Mar 4, 2021
  5. Nyk B
    YOU HAVE A FUEL GUAGE?! Lol so jelly lmao
  6. a100man
    That's cool.. what about the front caliper too?
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      I don't know about the calipers
      750MaximSeattle, Jul 17, 2020
  7. Kickaha
    What are the carbs off ?
    1. Dave in Ireland
      Not downdraught.
      They look awfully similar to the carbs on late 70s GS 750s VM26, I think. I much preferred them to the later CV carbs.
      Dave in Ireland, Jul 17, 2020