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  • Year:
    XJ550 Seca
    Engine Size:
    Modifications & Accessories:
    SS braided brake lines
    Blade style fuse box
    LED instrument cluster lighting
    Rest is stock.
    These are the things I refurbished to get the bike ready:
    - 1 rear wheel bearing
    - tires (Avon AM-26)
    - rear brake shoes
    - front brake lines replaced
    - master cylinder rebuilt
    - front caliper rebuilt
    - carburetors rebuilt (thanks, Dave!)
    - valves adjusted
    - valve cover refurbished
    - fuse box upgraded
    - instrument cluster lighting converted to LEDs
    - gas tank interior stripped and lined
    - petcock rebuilt
    - new fuel filter and lines
    - oil/filter changed
    - new plugs
    - new side-stand switch
    - new hand grips
    - did I mention lots and lots of cleaning?

    I should mention the deep sense of loss I experienced when the bike no longer required constant attention. But, riding helped that!
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  1. Injuhneer
    Nice! I always liked the White/Red color scheme.
  2. Wintersdark
    So nice! Really clean, beautiful stock look. Awesome job!
  3. Nastn8
    Excellent original! I Have the same bike. Your pictures are making me feel slightly guilty for going the modified route.... But I've already shortened the frame ....so I'm committed.