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  • Year:
    XJ550 Seca
    Engine Size:
    Modifications & Accessories:
    SS braided brake lines
    Blade style fuse box
    LED instrument cluster lighting
    Rest is stock.
    These are the things I refurbished to get the bike ready:
    - 1 rear wheel bearing
    - tires (Avon AM-26)
    - rear brake shoes
    - front brake lines replaced
    - master cylinder rebuilt
    - front caliper rebuilt
    - carburetors rebuilt (thanks, Dave!)
    - valves adjusted
    - valve cover refurbished
    - fuse box upgraded
    - instrument cluster lighting converted to LEDs
    - gas tank interior stripped and lined
    - petcock rebuilt
    - new fuel filter and lines
    - oil/filter changed
    - new plugs
    - new side-stand switch
    - new hand grips
    - did I mention lots and lots of cleaning?

    I should mention the deep sense of loss I experienced when the bike no longer required constant attention. But, riding helped that!
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  1. Jacob Wood
    That fork doesn't appear to be the original. Is that true? If, so where did you get it? I have a seca with a bent fork and trying to find the right donor/replacement fork.
    1. dkavanagh
      AFAIK, it's original. What leads you to think it might not be? Here's a comparison: https://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-japanese-motorcycles/yamaha-xj550-seca-zmmz12mjzbea
      dkavanagh, May 6, 2019
    2. RJ C
      Jacob, what are the odds of you being in MN. I just bought a 1982 Yamaha XJ650J that I’m working on and it came with a parts bike a 1980 XJ650. I don’t know if the forks are the same or interchangeable. Let me know what you think.
      RJ C, May 7, 2019
    3. Jacob Wood
      Thanks for the reply, dkavanagh. My bad with my poor vision. '

      RJ C, I am in MN. I did find a fork that I will be putting on my bike. 1981 Suzuki GS750L front fork and wheel. Will be looking for calipers and another rotor. Fairly new to the motorcycle repair world and not sure if the calipers will fit from my 1982 Seca 550.
      Jacob Wood, May 7, 2019
  2. Injuhneer
    Nice! I always liked the White/Red color scheme.
  3. Wintersdark
    So nice! Really clean, beautiful stock look. Awesome job!
  4. Nastn8
    Excellent original! I Have the same bike. Your pictures are making me feel slightly guilty for going the modified route.... But I've already shortened the frame ....so I'm committed.