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    xj900 SECA
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    Easier to say what is stock: Much of the frame, the engine and the final drive.
    XJ900 Cafe Racer...
    Build by Greg Hageman based upon a design brief that asked, "If Yamaha had evolved the xj line more towards a naked, cafe racer motif, what might the xj900 SECA look like circa 1999?"
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  1. Arc
    i dig that headlight with the turn signals on the inside of the housing.. great looking bike, I'm looking to do about the same thing with my 83 xj650
  2. 82650secamuffins
    ..those beautiful forks, how or where did they come to be?
    1. Mike Martens
      Forks are 43mm units from an FZR1000.
      Mike Martens, Oct 19, 2015
    2. Captn_Obvious
      Was that a direct bolt on, or was some tinkering required to get it to fit the frame?
      Captn_Obvious, Sep 26, 2016
  3. 82650secamuffins
    ..holy cow..that is bad ass m.,**er..good job
  4. Robert Osterberg
    Very nice and beautiful bike.
  5. Boris Vassilev
    Great bike! Can you tell me what the tail light is? I am working on restoring/updating a 550 seca and really love the recessed/clean look of it. Amazing effort!
    1. Mike Martens
      Hello Boris. It is just a universal tail light... I bought it on ebay I believe. Search "Cafe Racer tail light lamp universal" and you will see several. The one I have was LED, has turn indicator functions within it (just blinks one side or the other), and came with a license plate mount that was detached and relocated. Hope that helps. All the best.
      Mike Martens, Sep 16, 2015
    2. Boris Vassilev
      Found it. Thanks for the reply and the inspiration!
      Boris Vassilev, Sep 16, 2015
  6. Mike Martens
  7. LanceB
    Beautiful bike, what are those stunning spoked wheels off and is it still shaft drive? So many questions when looking at it...
    1. Mike Martens
      Yes, still a shafty. There were a few yamsters to have a laced rear wheel and shaft final drive, so one of of those donated a hub and the rim/spokes are custom (17 x 4.25 wide). It is not east to get the offset right. Greg Hageman has perfected the conversion over time. He is a huge talent.
      Mike Martens, Sep 1, 2015
    2. LanceB
      Thanks for that info, I'm about to start on an XJ 650 and keep imagining it with spokes.
      LanceB, Sep 8, 2015
  8. CruiseAck
    wow. impresive to say the least.
  9. Xythin
    That is very nice looking. Where in the world is the battery hidden?
    1. Mike Martens
      Thanks. The battery is a lithium unit tucked inside the tail cowl (which like the tank came from a 550).
      Mike Martens, Aug 19, 2015