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  1. Rickard S
    "Clean and nice built"
    Pros - Colour and line as a cafe racer should have.
    Cons - Probably in the premium cost level.
    Seems nothing left untouched and great work from different specialists.
  2. Dusty53
    "Great effort"
    Pros - Very clean lines and it looks like the cv carbs have been replaced with mikuni "pumpers"
    Cons - None that I can see
    Is there any increase in performance with the carb swap and pods most posts seem to be against pods
  3. John goda
    "Well done!"
    Pros - If they made em like that I'd buy one in a heart beat
    Cons - The only Con is I can't ride it!
    Planning similar type of conversion to a 90 Radian. If it turns out half as nice I'll be a happy
  4. micheal wade
    "Love it"
    Pros - Everything
    Can you say perfection
  5. Bruce herrington
    Pros - style meets performance
    Cons - none
    Its an excellent sleeper. true yamaha rider would think this is a 82 xj 550 at a glance.
    1. Mike Martens
      At the Barber Vintagefest last year I had a lot of fun with people who were like, "it cannot be a xj550 because the motor and wheels are way too large, so what is it?" In person the bike is even more compact and beefy than what the photos show. Thanks for looking!
  6. AxeMatt
    I love it! I'm starting my project soon and already took some notes from yours
  7. Ribo
    Pros - everything
    Cons - nothing
    Very nice - that's exactly how I would envisage Yamaha taking the seca into a street bike for today.