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Xj900rk Seca

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    XJ900rk Seca
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    No modifications. Unrestored, any parts that have been replaced have been replaced with original factory parts. (And there are very few of them....) It has received 9 trophies...... Including numerous 1st Place, and two 3rd Place trophies, and two 2nd Place trophies:)
  1. David Gaunt
    Stunning bike, love it :)
  2. mirco
    Oh...my...gosh! That is beautiful! I just saw this! Wow! I'm drooling!
  3. mr.steffan mussett
    Hi you have the big brother to my bike I've got the xj750E-II good little runners..
  4. johno
    That is an awesome looking bike, Hogfiddles!
  5. Buck George
    I just found and bought a 900 Seca. items missing are the air duct under the gas tank and the brake lines that go from calipers to anti dive. Any idea where I might be able to find these items?
  6. Adam smith
    Great looking bike. Mines almost done, I'll post when finished.
  7. Franz
    Cracking bike Hogfiddles.
  8. Nastn8
    This thing is a specimen! Nice work Hogfiddles! How bad is your carpal tunnell from polishing?
    1. hogfiddles
      Thank you!
      hogfiddles, Feb 7, 2017
  9. TurkBroda182
    Hey , nice machine. I have a question...I found an X45 750RL in Canada. Do you happen to know if they shipped any of these here?
    1. hogfiddles
      Thank you! The '84 750rl was not available in the USA (unless someone paid an awful lot of money to GET one.....) . pLus there were not many made, so if you can get one, get it!
      hogfiddles, Feb 7, 2017
  10. characterbuilder
    I love it. I have it's twin in my garage.