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Xj900rk Seca

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    XJ900rk Seca
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    No modifications. Unrestored, any parts that have been replaced have been replaced with original factory parts. (And there are very few of them....) Just received its 7th trophy...... Now has three 1st Place, and two 3rd Place trophies, and two 2nd Place trophies:)
  1. SnoTest
    sharp looking bike :D
  2. SnoTest
    Ok, I reduced the review length to 10char from 250char
  3. seca550RK
    wow! what a beauty. In a whole other class from my xj550rk.
  4. dmlyster
    AAHHHHH- You've been busy workin on the forum. Bike looks great.
  5. k-moe
    The prettiest of them all.
  6. 1234bike
    nice bike!! 1234bike
  7. mwhite74
    Lovely 900 h-fidds. I'd like to try one someday but they're hard to find out in my neck of the woods...
    1. hogfiddles
      I have 5 of them
      hogfiddles, May 16, 2015
  8. dossbag
    That's a peach.. I hope my XJ900 "kit" comes out looking as good. I used to have one in UK had a fixed fairing and belly fairing.
  9. Liptoss
    WOW. Real nice. I have an '84 XJ 750 RL with 76,000 on the odometer. I love this bike more and more each day... well. IT and my VMAX
  10. rrickner
    so much want in this photo