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Xj900rk Seca

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    XJ900rk Seca
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    No modifications. Unrestored, any parts that have been replaced have been replaced with original factory parts. (And there are very few of them....) It has received 9 trophies...... Including numerous 1st Place, and two 3rd Place trophies, and two 2nd Place trophies:)
  1. dossbag
    That's a peach.. I hope my XJ900 "kit" comes out looking as good. I used to have one in UK had a fixed fairing and belly fairing.
  2. mwhite74
    Lovely 900 h-fidds. I'd like to try one someday but they're hard to find out in my neck of the woods...
    1. hogfiddles
      I have 5 of them
      hogfiddles, May 16, 2015
  3. 1234bike
    nice bike!! 1234bike
  4. k-moe
    The prettiest of them all.
  5. dmlyster
    AAHHHHH- You've been busy workin on the forum. Bike looks great.
  6. seca550RK
    wow! what a beauty. In a whole other class from my xj550rk.
  7. SnoTest
    Ok, I reduced the review length to 10char from 250char
  8. SnoTest
    sharp looking bike :D